Wengie Travel Beauty Skincare Routine

Wengie is a beauty blogger and a favorite on YouTube. Her beauty, skincare, hair, makeup, tutorials are very popular and viewed by millions around the world. In fact, Wengie has well over a million regular followers on YouTube. Wengie is based in Australia. However, many of her wonderfully produced video’s are Asian inspired. This is due to her background. One of her goals is to provide more information to the world about the availability of Asian products. In this video Wengie shares some of her favorite travel beauty skincare tips.

The Wengie Travel Treatment
However, this is not a time to ignore skincare. In this video Wengie travels to Viet Nam. Wengie shares that good skincare while traveling is especially important. Wengie begins the video with a right on point tip. She advises women travelers to travel with a smaller bag that contains all their makeup and skincare products. This makes the travel process and skincare routine much easier. Wengie also shares her favorite makeup, beauty, and skincare products with the viewers. It’s a long list. It might be a good idea to grab a pencil and a piece of paper to write down her recommendations. I must admit my favorite product was the tiger mask. You simply must check it out. She shares a lot of wonderful skincare tips and beauty hacks.


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    Wengie shares that she loves to travel. She enjoys the beautiful landscapes and change of scenery and gets taken away by the beauty of the places that she’s visited. That alone is what rushmyessay.com had expected from them.

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