Using Classdojo To Improve Communication Between Teachers And Parents

Parents have always been eager to know how their children are doing at school. Traditionally, this was almost impossible as there was no cheap and convenient way that this information could be relayed to the parents. The parents had to wait until a parent-teachers meeting is held in order to learn about their children’s performance. Even then, the time allocated was little, and the meeting had to be hurried. ClassDojo app has changed this scenario for Jill Smith and other parents worldwide. The app has been developed to help teachers and parents communicate effectively through texts, videos, and photos. This is as easy as one needs to grab a smartphone and flip to the app.

Jill has been using the app daily. This way, he has been able to follow on how her son, who is a fifth-grader at Berry Intermediate School, is doing. She can know every detail about what the child was up to during the day and what grade he received in his various homework. What is even amazing with the app is that one no longer needs to wait until the end of the day to learn about his or her son or daughter. As soon as any information is uploaded, one can see it immediately. If the parent is busy, the information is stored until one opens the application.

The communication platform’s ability to provide a steady stream of feedback has ensured that teachers, parents and students in Warren County have a good connection and that each of them is empowered. It has also encouraged a healthy relationship between the three parties by encouraging participation from each of them.

The Classd Dojo platform is also built to promote positivity among students. Unlike previous communication platforms that focused on what the students were doing wrong, ClassDojo zeroes in on what the student’s are doing right. In addition, it highlights students’ ability to improve both in their academic works and in behaviors. This is emphasized by the app’s feature that enables students to earn ‘Dojo Dollars’ because of their positive deeds.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a communication platform that focuses on creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. The app is designed to enable teachers to create an integrated community made up of teachers, parents and students. This community ensures a ground-up change among students.

The app is used in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States. It can be downloaded from either Apple Store or Google Play. The app is also widely used outside the United States. Currently, teachers and parents in at least 180 countries use ClassDojo.


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