The Philanthropic Side of James Dondero

James Dondero known as Jim is one of the most experienced and greatest alternative investment managers. Jim is the current president of Highland Capital Management a company he cofounded. James Dondero is based an investment adviser who makes a global investment in bulk. Jim takes pre-emptive management approach to benevolent giving.

With over 30 years of experience in the credit and Equity markets, Mr. Dondero has primarily focused on high-yielding investment taking a different approach from the current one used by investors across the globe.

In a search for a party to manage an annual philanthropic budget, which has hit $3 billion, Jim’s Co-founded organization The Dallas Foundation President and CEO Mary Jalonick was chosen together with her donor service expert and philanthropic team. The Dallas Foundation was chosen because it has a proven record of accomplishment of achievements in nonprofit organizations category.

Jim and Mary Jalonick have assessed approaches for the charity that would be aspirational and compelling. The plans assessed gave birth to Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. Dondero has been supporting veteran, healthcare and education projects of the Dallas Community. Jim has collaborated with The Dallas Foundation, and this has expanded his charity engagement to some organizations among them being The Perot Museum, the Dallas Zoo, and The Bush Presidential Library.

As a part of his giving, he has used annual grants to foundations. These grants have provided a sustainable source of funding to the philanthropic projects. This is according to Mary Jalonick, the President, and the CEO of The Dallas Foundation. Just recently, Jim collaborated with The Dallas Foundation and hired a former President and the chief executive officer of the Woodall Park Foundation Linda Owen to focus exclusively on Highland Dallas Foundation. Linda will connect Jim’s vision with other partners in non-profit organizations to better the lives of the people in the northern part of Texas. According to Mr. Dondero, Linda Owen’s guidance experience and relationship with the North Texas community will have a great impact on the Texas community lives.

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    His achievement has made him the current chairperson of the Cornerstone Healthcare Nexbank and CCS Medical. Mr. Dondero also serves as a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote. I also have that relentless attitude for which is the only reaosn why people don’t like them too.


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