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Whitney Wolfe, the Dating Aide, gets wedded

Weddings are spectacular events, and it is quite unfortunate that they are only scheduled for a single day. However, that does not take the juice from that exciting day. It is a day that marks a milestone to the bride and the groom beside marking a start of a life-long union and companionship. It is also a day filled with joy and happiness. How sweet it is to tie the knot finally. The founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, refused to be by-passed by this remarkable personal experience.

Whitney Wolfe, the great match-maker was finally getting matched. Together with Michael Herd, the heir of Texas Oil, love had got the better of them, and they were ready to show and share this with the world. For this reason, they are hosting a breathtakingly beautiful wedding on Amalfi Coast at a village on the spectacular cliff-side of Positano.

The world has it that being at the top is lonely. Well, that is not the case with Whitney Wolfe. Despite being such a successful figure, news of her wedding flooded social media long before the official announcement. Friends and relatives could not keep mum anymore. They took to Instagram and Twitter to let the world know that sure the queen of dating is finally being whisked away by her love in a colorful wedding. They admitted that the two lovebirds were a real reflection of the true love that the world ought to emulate.

On the most anticipated day of Whitney Wolfe’s life, she was the pure definition of beauty. Her gown was the talk of the day. It was made of lace, and its design was top-notch that every lady envied to be in her shoes then. Then came the night, a night to remember forever when she was in a fringed white dress that emancipated nothing short of glamour. It was then that she shared a dance for the first time as a married lady.

Whitney Wolfe derives her inspiration from her business. Bumble, where she serves as the CEO of the dating app, kept her flame of love blazing all this while until she made that leap of life. She admits that through her experience in dating, the app has grown tremendously to a tune of over 18 million users and stands as the fourth most popular dating app.

Whitney Wolfe was an early twinkling star from the very beginning. She attended her college studies at Southern Methodist University to pursue International Studies. While still schooling, she started a small business venture and a charitable group. Currently, at the helm of Bumble, she is set to launch new verticals like BumbleBIZZ and BumbleBFF.

Over time, she has received numerous awards for her ingenuity and was on the list of Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Below 30 In Tech in 2014. Also, she was named one of Elle’s Women in Tech in 2016 and has featured on 2017’s Forbes 30 Under 30. She is an entrepreneur with a difference and deserves nothing but the best in life.

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