Striving For Success And Customer Satisfaction is John Goullet’s Diversant

Targeted on IT staffing and support for other companies, Diversant is a leading privately owned business that offers premium services. The company is minority owned, which enabled the company to be register as an Minority Owned Business Enterprise. The products and services offered by the company vary, but mainly they provide support for IT staffing, ethnic diversity, and direct hiring. Diversant LLC’s team of experts are quick to create new strategies and solutions for their clients while striving to provide 100% customer satisfaction from their customers. The company believes building strong relationships with their customers and making them feel like an asset is best for business and is a better model to uphold.

In the technological field, things are in a constant state of growth and change, with new generations coming faster than ever. This can make it difficult to find an IT professional that is just right. This is where Diversant really helps their customers by finding them the right IT indivual, through their various networks and organization sources, for a perfect match. The company guarantees the professionals hired through them will have the necessary skills to create and innovate. Over the years, Diversant has gained a large amount of success as well as experience in IT staffing, this has enabled them to find near perfect matches that meet the needs of all of their customers.

John Goullet is the standing Principal at Diversant LLC, and he is a long time entrepreneur that has been in the industry for more than two decades, which is when he first got into the business of IT staffing. John managed to start several start up company’s that were a success, such as Info Technology, a staffing firm that worked with fortune 500 companies. John has an exceptional amount of experience that has enabled him to position himself at the top of the industry.

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