Securus Technology Exposes GTL’S Breaches

Technology providers have earned the confidence and trust of citizens, to whom they provide service. Violation of this trust is hence a breach of the citizen’s right, and therefore firms that have the taxpayer’s backs are the ones that deserve that confidence. I highly support the move by Secures technologies to expose the wrongs committed against the public by the Global Tel Link commonly known as the GTL.

The GTL, having provided services to people for some time, is now in the spotlight for integrity issues. Customers deserve to get the best from the firms, and better still be kept aware of what an enterprise is undertaking; this strengthens the relationship between the companies and their service providers.

The wrongs committed against the public will be available in a series of press releases; this is not to shame the company but rather make things right for the generations to come. Some of the wrongs of GTL include: setting the call rates higher than the authorized rate; they acted on their initiative. Programming inmate’s calls to an additional fifteen or thirty-six seconds, which was unauthorized as well. Artificially inflating charges of their customers; which ultimately jeopardizes the relation between their clients upon their knowledge, and billing a single bill more than once.

Their deliberate misconduct has since, increased the taxpayer’s liability by an additional $ 1,243,000 in which was never their budget. Every citizen deserves to know the usage of their funds, misappropriation of their funds not being an option.  We all need to take insurance and protect our funds, permitting its use for practical reasons not misappropriation by any citizen, be it a corporate or individual for their gain, but for our peril.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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  1. Larsson Post author

    Let us all stand against such wrongs. The Securus Technology is hence a real hero to the society by exposing this wrong. That is why is standing against all the injustices that has perpetrated over a long haul.

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