Raj Fernando: Financial Industry Leader

Raj Fernando studied at the University College London and graduated from Beloit College with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and history.  After receiving his degree, Raj began working there at an entry-level position. Through long hours and tireless work, Fernando was able to work his way up to a professional- level position. With experience under his belt, he became an entrepreneur by founding Chopper Trading in 2002. Juggling his full-time trading job and heading his new company became too much for him to bear, so Fernando decided in 2004 to leave his position and devote all of his time to his new enterprise.

As CEO of Chopper Trading, Fernando was able to create and initiate some major changes to the financial field. His company became very well known for their source code security systems, risk management, monitoring, plus so much more.  Not one to stay idle, Raj founded another start-up in 2016, Scoutahead.com. His new company specializes in assisting clients to become more productive and encourage their employees to grow professionally. With over two decades of experience in the financial industry, Fernando is in it for the long-haul. He will surely continue to impress others with his exemplary work ethic, industry experience, and ability to create and design new systems. Keep an eye out for Raj Fernando as he continues to initiate new ideas into a growing market.

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    The company continued to grow and become successful all the way up until 2015 when the company was sold. While he was still an undergrad, Raj Fernando volunteered his time at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. I like essay order because there are many things people don’t know concerning this very thing.


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