Ms. Martinez: A Role Model to Aspiring Musicians

Norka Martinez is a Latin pop star who performs pop and Latin music genres. She was born in Caracas, a city where she spent most of her childhood. At the age of eight, she began attending instrument (flamenco), dance (salsa) and voice practice lessons. Her parents were glad to pay for her training fee as they had seen potential in her as a young singer.

She took part in several junior competitions during her early life. Some of the competitions include the “Golden Voice” and “Festival of Gaitas.”She had her higher education in France where she majored in business administration. Additionally, she took courses in culinary arts, marketing, and fashion.

Norka Luque was able to strike a balance between academic education and music. She would study during the day and perform during the night. During weekends, she performed alongside a band by the name Bad Moo Rising. Her time with the band enabled her to interact with various professionals in the European music industry at a personal level.

Despite the huge following that Luque had attracted in France, she decided to ditch music for a banking profession. After several months working in the banking sector of Monaco, Ms. Martinez felt it was time to move on and try a different profession.

She relocated to the United States and settled in Miami, Florida. She decided to venture into professional singing when she met Mr. Estefan. Estefan is associated with the internationally known group Miami Sound Machine. He offered to guide Luque in the music industry.

In 20111, Norka Luque’s first professional album was released to the public. This album contained several songs; however, only three became successful. The three singles include “Milagro,” “As You Do it” and “Tomorrowland.” During the same year, Luque was nominated for the Best Female Pop Artist of the Year for her song “As You Do it.”

“Milagro” (Miracle in English) became an international hit, ruling the Latin music charts and receiving massive airplay in the United States. This track was promoted in three different stages; salsa, dance and urban remix version.

“Tomorrowland” is another track from her album that became very successful. It was received well by music lovers in major Latin communities. She is currently planning its re-launch before the year ends. If you would like to know more about this Latin songbird, find her on:


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