Life Hacks by Wengie


In one of her most recent videos posted to her YouTube channel, Wengie went over several life hacks that she talks about that are very helpful to those who may not be aware of them. One of the first hacks that Wengie talks about deals with a problem that many people have with having too much lent on their shirt. Wengie uses a women’s jumper shirt as an example, she uses a shaving razor to pull the lent off of the jumper making it look a lot nicer than it did before without all the lent that it had on it. The next useful life hack that she talks about is one that a lot of people could use when they are trying to get a key off of a keychain. According to Wengie’s hack she says by using a staple remover to separate the key ring and turning the keys that it will make the keys come off of the key ring a lot easier than trying to use a fingernail to do it. Another useful life hack she mentions is one that will benefit those who tend to be a bit forgetful and rush off while leaving their phone or keys behind. In this life hack she says that by stacking whatever it is that someone tends to forget on top of the thing they always remember is an easy way to make sure that someone doesn’t leave anything that they may need behind. Wengie mentions another life hack in this particular video that helps people to find the right temperature in the shower quickly instead of having to wait and guess where the temperature knob should be. Wengie suggests to use a permanent marker, or a dry erase marker to make a mark by the spot that provides the perfect temperature for one’s shower so that it will be easier to find in the future.

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