Learning From Eric Pulier Has Been A Pleasure

As someone who loves the tech field, I’m always pleased to encounter another person who shares my passion for this world. This is the case with Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier brings tremendous passion to this wonderful arena. Thanks to his help over the years, I’ve learned how it is possible to expand my own career into many new areas. I know I can always count on him for help when it comes to seeing new ways to do things. His own career has served as an example of the many ways that people can develop companies that serve to move the field into new and unexpected ways at every turn. He has shown me personally that is possible to have a career that combines entrepreneurship with a sense of true philanthropy.


One thing that has helped me think about my own career in totally new ways is his promotion of a wonderful venture called XPrize. This venture led to think about my own life in new ways. I have always had a business bent in life. Like Eric Pulier, I want to think of things that have not been thought about before. This contest says to me that we can come up with new ideas and see them happen in our lives. My own children were highly inspired to enter this content. While they did not win, they were given a chance to interact with someone who pushed them to think about the wonderful places they can go in their own lives.

Starting Early

Another amazing thing about Eric Pulier’s career is that it started so early. My own children have looked at this career and realized that they can do as he did and teach themselves to do all kinds of things in life. As they have grown, they have taken his career as a role model that they might want to emulate. They know that starting early is important and so is getting the skills they as Pulier did when he was attending Harvard. It is his devotion to education that has been something we call learn from.

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