How InnovaCare Is Using Medicare Advantage Plan To Transform Healthcare

Quality healthcare is essential in ensuring a healthy and working nation. However, quality healthcare is expensive and many Americans cannot afford such quality care. As a means of ensuring that its citizens have access to these quality services, the federal government of the United States came up with a good idea of securing a cheap medical cover to the public. This idea and dream have seen the government partner with other stakeholders and coming up with Medicare Advantage plans. Through this program, the government, private insurance firms, and healthcare providers work together in providing quality healthcare. Moreover, it is the responsibilities of the private insurance companies to market and sell the plans to the public like InnovaCare Health.

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Medicare Advantage Plans are the modern version of the Original Medicare, which has been in place for several years. However, the new cover is a complete transformation of the Original Medicare. Despite offering all services previously provided by the old plan, the new plan also goes ahead to provide the public with new and essential services. Individuals who were involved in an emergency before know that the Original Medicare did not cover for such emergencies. Nevertheless, Medicare Advantage Plan is there for them. The plan includes both emergency and urgently needed care.

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Before subscribing to any plan, it is always important to check all the services that you can enjoy in advance. With some types of plans, one gets to enjoy several services including those that are not medically necessary. The range of the services that one can enjoy varies from one provider to the other.

Some essential extras that Medicare Advantage Plan customers enjoy include hearing, dental, and vision services. This means that all visits to the eye doctor and dentists are all covered. These services do not only ensure that one saves a lot of money, but also provides them with overall good health. For those who want to get their prescribed drugs covered, there is the need to register for a Part D cover.

About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is an American company, which provides managed health care services in North America. InnovaCare provides its services through Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. Through its Medicare Advantage plan, the company ensures that its clients receive quality and affordable healthcare. InnovaCare has its headquarters in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Rick Shinto, M.D., who is both InnovaCare’s President and CEO, heads the company. Penelope Kokkinides, the chief administrative officer, assist Shinto in managing the fast-growing company.

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