Highland Capital Rules the Investment Market in Us and Beyond

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is a company dear to most investors in and out of the US. With assets totaling to over $15.4 billion, this company captures the attention of any investor. Highland Capital Management Company was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. To date, the company has offered the best alternative managers you can ever get globally. Characteristically, Highland management is known for its amazing credit strategies including long-only funds, credit hedge funds, Collateralized Loans Obligations (CLOs), heath care and special-situation private equities. Thanks to the reputation the company holds in the market, it can tend to the needs of individual investors and also organization. Highlands Capital has many affiliate companies in other economies too.


One of the key affiliates of Highland Capital Management is Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd. Since its inception; the Korean market has benefited from the many investment ventures it offers. However, one recent venture that a devotee investor should not miss out on is the healthcare-focused private equity fund totally to $147 million. This funds main investor anchor is the South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS). The healthcare based fund is projected to bring in a good amount of financial returns to its investors.


Highland capital is known for healthcare based equity funds. However, the South Korea’s one will mark the first of a kind fund in the entire Asian region. To the founders and more so James Dondero this is a big win for them. Ideally, this is an indication of the effectiveness and fondness of their products in the outside market.


Despite the big success in the investment market, Highland Capital Management still maintains a soft spot for its community. The company is associated with generous contributions both financial and in kind. The highlight for the company’s philanthropy is in 2005 whereby it contributed in monetary terms $10 million to local and international nonprofit organization.


It is without reasonable doubt, Highland Capital Management company rules the US investment market and beyond. Engage with them and benefit greatly.

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