Eric Pullier Pulls Big Shots

It is not often that we’re fortunate enough to come across a multi-talented and multi-faceted entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, helping re-shape and impact the world in many positive ways. However, Mr. Eric Pulier is definitely one such distinguished individual. With a Bachelor’s of Art degree in English and American literature from the prestigious Harvard University(magna cum laude), his bright future was clearly evident early on. Of special note is the fact that his life since those early university days, has been marked by a focus on helping people who are economically disadvantaged. He has also helped children suffering from various chronic diseases and poor health conditions.


After graduation from Harvard, Mr. Eric Pulier decided to move to Los Angeles in 1991, and founded a successful organization called “People Doing Things.” This company focused on delivering technological innovations to the healthcare and education markets. Mr. Pulier has since gone on to make his mark in the world of technology, and to date has funded, co-founded, and started at least 15 different companies including: SOA Software, MediaPlatforms, Desktone, and US Media Interactive LLC (to name a few). Indeed Eric Pulier is a true leader, and has successfully raised hundreds of millions of dollars by himself, for funding his companies and his forward looking vision.


Few tech giants exhibit a compassion for helping the needy and less fortunate, the way Mr. Eric Pullier has. For example, he created a multimedia education platform to help those suffering from multiple sclerosis, so they could learn more about the condition. In 1995, Pulier worked with Stephen Spielberg, Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. and Peter Samuelson, to help develop the first private social media network called “Starbright World.” This social media technology platform allowed children with chronic illnesses to connect with each other, perform online chats and blog posts, and help each other cope better. Eric Pulier is a busy family man, and remains committed to learning and discovery about significant market trends and disruptive technology opportunities that can improve people’s lives. He likes keeping vigilante notes, and enjoys taking on life’s many challenges head-on.



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