Eric Pulier Is a Tech Startup Genius

Eric Pulier is one of the key people who has helped change the world of technology over the past three decades. It is safe to say that many people would not have attempted to start their own tech companies without being inspired to do so by Eric Pulier. So who is he? Eric is a native of New Jersey. He studied very hard and his academic background was outstanding. He applied to many of the best colleges in the United States and abroad. He was eventually accepted into Harvard University. He chose to major in English literature because he wanted to pursue a career as a professor.

Pulier’s interests changed dramatically once he completed his college studies. He found that he was drawn to the tech world. He had a chance encounter with a man in a coffee shop who told him about a tech startup he was working on. Eric was very interested in what he heard. Eric became friends with the man and learned a lot more about tech startups over the course of their friendship. There eventually came a time when Eric wanted to launch his own startup.

Eric became addicted to launching startups. He found that he had an endless number of ideas. He was very good at determining which products and services that his new companies would provide. Getting the financing for his startups became easier for him because of his past successes. Investors always want to do business with someone who is a proven winner. Eric was also a master at promoting his startups after they were launched. He knew the exact people to target with his advertising to get the biggest response.

Eric is now regarded as a genius in the world of tech startups. His success in this particular industry is unmatched. He has written many articles that discuss the proper procedure to turn a startup idea into a successful business venture. He has also given many interviews on this subject.

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  1. Kerry Tucker Post author

    He was able to get several investors to come on board to support his project. The first company that Eric started was a cloud computing company called ServiceMesh. I do understand that could be given much of attention to them.


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