Cotemar Petroleum

Since its Foundation, COTEMAR has provided services to PEMEX, in oil fields offshore, using specialized vessels, provides quality and security services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Cotemar provides services through three strategic lines that bring together services of high specialization according to the corresponding segment:

We provide services focused on modernization and innovation platforms and offshore, installations customer centers from precast and Assembly, until the commissioning operation of equipment and service lines, with support of semi submersible platform of dynamic positioning, which has the ability to move nimbly in a complex to another to provide the best service.

Through our specialized vessels, Cotemar provides transportation of personnel, lightweight materials and food. In addition, we have boats against fire, towing ships and barges for transporting large structures.

All our boats are equipped with inspection and monitoring of critical variables in the operation to act proactively, ensuring the safety of facilities and personnel operating them.

On platforms and boats operated by COTEMAR, the food service is provided and hosting costa outside. These services include food preparation, washing and ironing of clothes, cleaning of common areas and services of bed in each cabin.

In order to maintain a direct relationship with our suppliers, in COTEMAR developed a portal in which the necessary information for consultation and update generated for the fulfillment of each vendor’s purchase cycles can be found.

At COTEMAR, our strength lies in the experience and commitment of all our employees. Meet our training programs and our current job offers.

Become part of our community and we will keep you updated on everything related to our services, achievements, our fleet, events, vacancies and much more.

Cotemar is a certified company and leader in the recycling of electronic waste, same that will be responsible for correctly transforming the waste generated by the company.

By operating in accordance with ISO quality management systems standard 9001:2008 in the range of integral services of food and lodging on boats. See:

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