Clay Siegall: A Scion of Commitment Towards

One of the outstanding characters that Clay Siegall has shown with remarkable consistence over the years is his commitment and strong conviction towards finding a better alternative treatment for cancer. While drawing inspiration from early personal experience with cancer, Dr. Clay Siegall has used his experience as a company executive, entrepreneur, research scientist and scholar to lead the research and development for innovative and technology-based alternative cancer therapies that are more effective and cause less pain to the patients compared to conventional treatment options.


Such strong commitment and dedication towards his duties as the cofounder and chief executive officer at Seattle Genetics has seen him guide the company towards operational and financial success despite significant challenges. Despite taking significantly long to generate profits, Dr. Siegall had strong faith in the company’s legal and sales teams, which have played critical roles in the company’s ability to finally realize financial success ten years after its initial public offer (IPO). He has also guided the company towards strategic partnerships with several key industry players including Bayer and Pfizer. These partnerships have been crucial in the success of the company’s research efforts towards developing an effective conjugate therapy for treatment of cancer. Clay Siegall believes that strong focus and intense passion for the task at hand is the primary key to success.


Commitment to Cancer Community


Clay Siegall is a remarkable company executive who has dedicated his professional career, education and company resources towards alleviating the pain cancer patients and their families go through. His interest in cancer and related fields began at the University of Maryland where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology. He later specialized in genetics for his Doctor of Philosophy degree studies at George Washington University. His scholarly endeavors in the subject has also seen author several papers on the topic while also working for several organizations specializing in cancer research. This is in addition to the 15 patents to his name and over one billion dollars raised towards effective and innovative cancer therapies and drugs development and research. Currently, the company is on the verge on adding over a dozen new targeted treatment drugs to Adcentris, which has already been approved by the FDA.

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