Class Dojo Simplifying Classroom Communication

Class Dojo is a communication platform that connects teachers with parents and students. Teachers can create a group on Class Dojo and send out the link to which parents can sign up, check out here. Parents can then download the app that allows them to receive text messages containing any information the teacher wishes to share. Teachers can send messages and reminders directly to the group or to one particular parent if they wish to share something only pertaining to their child. The ease of being able to get these updates directly to your phone is simplifying the way information is passed throughout a classroom setting. View here:

Teachers can share pictures of what is going on throughout the day and post them to the group so parents can see what their children are doing while at school. Reminders of school or classroom events are another area where Class Dojo has been useful. Whether it is to remind parents about an upcoming class trip or party, or to remind them of overall school happenings such as holidays or spirit weeks, Class Dojo is allowing all of this information to be brought to one easy to use platform. Down the road there are also other exciting additions to the platform. Eventually you may be able to send money directly through the app for class trips or class parties, and also purchase things such as yearbooks. Class Dojo is quickly becoming a leading classroom tool for both teachers and parents alike.

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