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NFL Betting Final Week and Thrilling Moments

There are lots of thrilling moments, twists and turns when teams playing show different types of performances. A lot is going around in this type of situation. Despite all that, I saw consistency with Week 17 total for the last few seasons. Since NFL season for 2013, Week 17 games ended with Over/Under count of 17-31 which means playing under the number over sixty percent of the time. The average of points was 41.89 for those forty-eight games while 45.05 was the total for average closing betting. During the last season, I noticed that eleven out of sixteen contests were played under the total in Week 17 with an average of 42.93. The total closing average was 44.25.

There could be many reasons or this situation. I believe it could be bad weather, resting starters, lack of effort, or playing backups on offense. Whatever was the reason, Under was more prominent in Week 17. In the decade of nineties, I saw the final week games were 186-202-6 Over/Under. At the counter, the Under cashing was fifty-two percent of the time. I realized that Week 17 games for the last six seasons are 39-58-3 Over/Under. For fans, it means the fifty-eight percent of low-scouring football.

The average betting total for season finales of 16 NFL was hardly over forty-four points. In 2016, NFL teams have combined for over forty-five points. Since 1922, it is the seventh top scoring season. This year, I saw NFL games were 125-112-3 Over/Under; it means a lean of over fifty-two percent to the Over.

I was surprised that at Cincinnati, The Ravens opened +2.5 which was a meaningless game. Both teams are now missing out the tournament. Sharp money is with the road team in Week 17. The biggest line move was CG Technology’s The Ravens-Bengals spread. Offshore openers like Patriots started with -6 and now they are at -10. From -6 to -4, Tampa Bay suffered a big drop. Carolina had a money line wager of $10,000 on the Panthers.

To my surprise, the regular season’s final game was Packers at Lions. It was a Sunday nighter for Week 17. On Green Bay, it also drew three times more bets than Detroit. From Packers, it also pushed the line where hitting was most of the action. The lightly-bet Week 17 board will be determined by the finale of the regular season which is on Thursday. I believe that money is one-sided on the Cheeseheads. Majority also agrees with it. I strongly recommend as the right place to bet on football odds or the Super Bowl.