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The life and career of Securus President, Rick Smith

Rick Smith is the current Chief Executive President and the President of Secures Technology. The organization is a profit-based prison technology firm. Through the leadership skills of Rick Smith, Secures Technologies, supplies technology solutions that safeguard the community. Currently, the firm deals with both the criminal and civil justice technology. In a wider approach, Rick Smith manages a firm responsible for supplying technological solutions that aim at solving and stopping crime both in prison and in the free world. At the Company, Rick is dedicated to offering technological services that will facilitate and better the performance of prison activities. Moreover, the technology offered by the firm enables inmates in the prisons to stay in touch with the advancement in technology.

Through Securus Technology, inmates are able to make calls (both visual and voice calls) to their loved ones. Also, there is an additional feature which includes the use of emails. Therefore, through Securus Technology, inmates are able to adjust to the developments in technology, consequently, when they are released, they will be able to fit in the free world.Before taking his position as the president and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies in 2008, Rick Smith worked at other various organizations. Rick Smith held a variety of positions at Eschelon Telecom Company. In 1998, he served the firm as their chief financial officer (a position he held for 2 years). Later in 1999, he was given the role of a Chief Operating Officer (until 2003). Additionally, while still working at Eschelon Telecom, in 2000, he was promoted and was given the responsibility to serve the firm as its President. He served as the Company’s President until 2003 when he was chosen to serve the Organization as its Chief Executive Officer. Rick Shinto stayed at Eschelon until 2007.

Additionally, before Joining Eschelon, Rick Smith worked at an organization called Frontier Corp as their President. Moreover, Rick also worked at Global Crossing North America Inc. At the firm, he worked as their chief information officer and controller. Rick also served Midwest Telephone Operations as their vice president. In 2009, Rick was appointed by the board of Securus Limited to function as their chairman.Rick Smith has a strong educational background. He holds an associate degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering which he received from Rochester Institute of Technology. Additionally, he also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Rochester. Furthermore, Rick Smith studied and graduated from the State University of New York (located at Brockport) with a Master’s Degree in Mathematics. Also, he studied at the State University of New York (located at Buffalo) where he was honored with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering.

Discover A Superior Inmate Calling Network That Saves Money

Global Tel-Link has had a few inaccuracies associated with their inmate calling network that have been cleared up by Securus Technologies. The few inaccuracies has led to free calls to Louisiana customers for a limited time. The Public Utility Commission requires Securus to regulate inmate calls for the safety of the general public. They have successfully monitored thousands of calls including monitoring and surveillance. You get every minute that is guaranteed under your contract when Securus is acting as an inmate calling regulating provider. However, Securus is quickly growing as one of the largest inmate calling networks in the industry.


Securus Features


Inmate Voicemail


Now inmates have a access code that allows them to receive messages to a private line. Inmates love this feature because it allows them to take back their independence, get valuable information, and more.


Advanced Pay


Are you tired of looking for an authorized inmate calling agent? Do you live in a rural area? Advanced Pay options allows you to pay your inmate calling forward and get call credits in advance. You never have to worry about not having enough minutes to talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility. You can go directly to the Securus website and pay in advance through a partnership with Jpay Services.


Video Chat by Vimeo


Vimeo is proud to announce that they’re apart of the Securus team offering their customers superior video chat features that aren’t available through other networks. You have control over the volume and the picture.


You’re invited to become a part of the Securus Technologies group today.


Peace of Mind through Communication

It makes sense that sometimes we worry about the wellbeing of our loved ones. Natural disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes cause us to immediately think of those that we care about, especially if they are not currently near us at the time. For people living in the state of Louisiana these fears have arisen recently with the drastic increase in flooding there. While many of these people are able to take the necessary precautions to get to safety, others are not as fortunate, such as inmates who are currently being incarcerated and are unable to leave their designated locations. Securus Technologies though has a hopeful solution to this issue of communication, and for a period of time is giving free calling service to Louisiana customers in order for them to stay connected to family members.



Securus Technologies is a communications company mainly notable for their niche market of law enforcement locations. By providing mobile communication applications to inmates and their family members, Securus has produced an engaging and easy to use product that in a sense removes limitations of distance with inmates and brings families closer together. The application is free to download, is supported on both Android and Apple devices, and provides easy connection for quality video calling services.


The move by Securus Technologies to provide free calling service to their Louisiana clientele reveals the company not only as being devoted to their customer base but also as a humanitarian corporation who sees the importance of communication over the prospect of earning money.


Securus Technology Exposes GTL’S Breaches

Technology providers have earned the confidence and trust of citizens, to whom they provide service. Violation of this trust is hence a breach of the citizen’s right, and therefore firms that have the taxpayer’s backs are the ones that deserve that confidence. I highly support the move by Secures technologies to expose the wrongs committed against the public by the Global Tel Link commonly known as the GTL.

The GTL, having provided services to people for some time, is now in the spotlight for integrity issues. Customers deserve to get the best from the firms, and better still be kept aware of what an enterprise is undertaking; this strengthens the relationship between the companies and their service providers.

The wrongs committed against the public will be available in a series of press releases; this is not to shame the company but rather make things right for the generations to come. Some of the wrongs of GTL include: setting the call rates higher than the authorized rate; they acted on their initiative. Programming inmate’s calls to an additional fifteen or thirty-six seconds, which was unauthorized as well. Artificially inflating charges of their customers; which ultimately jeopardizes the relation between their clients upon their knowledge, and billing a single bill more than once.

Their deliberate misconduct has since, increased the taxpayer’s liability by an additional $ 1,243,000 in which was never their budget. Every citizen deserves to know the usage of their funds, misappropriation of their funds not being an option.  We all need to take insurance and protect our funds, permitting its use for practical reasons not misappropriation by any citizen, be it a corporate or individual for their gain, but for our peril.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.