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Arthur Becker on Artwork and Real Estate

Arthur Becker started his career as an entrepreneur and investor seemingly decades ago. Over the years Arthur Becker has turned into one of the more prominent real estate moguls in the city of New York. Speaking from his real estate office in Tribeca, you would think that Becker never struggled a day in his journey — but he did. In fact, looking at Becker’s history is equal parts inspiring and surprising. In order to become the man he is today, Becker had to overcome quite a few road bumps along the way.

You can take a look back at Arthur Becker’s investment history in order to see just where he went wrong and where he went right. An early failed investment is just as important as a successful one, in the end of the day. Learning from your mistakes is integral, and boy did Becker learn. We can look at a failed binocular product, called ‘Bnox’ that Becker still lovingly refers to. People didn’t like the build but he admits to having a few in his home still. In an article on Curbed, a particularly riveting investment story includes Becker putting millions of dollars down investing in macadamia nut farms in Hawaii. This investment actually paid out quite well. Becker ended up selling the company to the famous ‘Mrs. Fields’ brand — and he even eats their products, still.

According to NY Daily News, Becker’s life hasn’t been about dollar signs or getting the biggest checks along the way. In fact, if you were to consume the history of his work as a whole you would find that Becker is fascinated and in love with art. Becker has some artwork that really draws you in at first glance. For example, we’ve fallen in love with his origami money sculptures. Becker uses actual currency in order to create these exquisite, delicate, and beautiful works of art. Apparently they are a hit on Wall Street — or at least that is what his customers are saying. Becker’s relationship with Vera Wang, the famous fashion designer, is certainly another testament to the man he is behind all of the investments.

Nowadays, however, it seems like Arthur Becker is looking at making a huge splash in the real estate world. Becker’s recent purchase of 465 Washington Street, in New York, is getting the real estate world to pay attention. Right now the project is in development to turn into an 8 unit, luxury/boutique condo. We eagerly await seeing just what it turns into!

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