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Savior to the Business World

The business world is a strange and often times scary place, where one company can thrive one day and fall into bankruptcy the next. Many of these situations arise from the carelessness with capital funds, with money being placed within the wrong areas and where production and operations often suffer due to more bureaucratic costs.

According to The Guardian, In order to combat this problem Billy McFarland has inadvertently invented the perfect compliment to the American business model.

Billy McFarland’s creation, Magnesis, was originally designed with the average American consumer in mind. This program acts in the same way as a social media platform, allowing members to communicate with eachother but also being able to take advantage of high levels of discounted materials and services.

Areas such as bars, restaurants, amusement parks and concerts all fall under just a few of the examples that Magnesis covers through its discount program. While these areas may seem like simple entertainment locations they offer something different to the business world.

In order to build rapport and customer bases corporations need to have some one on one time with potential interested parties. This requires face time in the form of business meetings, which just so happen to normally take place in the same locations as what Magnesis supports through its program.

Business meeting costs can be quite pricey and through Magnesis companies may find that what was intended for individual use has a lot of business potential. The same money that would normally be spent on one business meeting can in theory be used in a multitude of different meetings, or it could even be distributed into different areas of the business as a whole.

Magnesis works on a simple concept; members are given a metal card that acts in the same way as a credit card and can then use this card to make transactions. Each card is linked directly to a bank account that the member owns and funds are then removed from those accounts to pay for services and goods. Without even realizing it Billy McFarland has possibly revolutionized the way business functions in the US.