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Relmada Therapeutics is one of the largest pharmaceuticals businesses in the United States that deals with the development and distribution of clinical-stage drugs meant for the treatment of chronic illness. Recently the pharmaceutical company announced that it had filed a motion to amend the complaints against Laidlaw &Company. The motion was filed in United States District Court for the District of Nevada. The motion to amend the claims was part of a case that the organization had filed in the Nevada District Court. In the amendment case, it included the breach of fiduciary duty that Laidlaw had broken when it was Relmada’s investment bank.

The pharmaceutical company is also seeking other damages including monetary damages the rose when the firm was responding to Laidlaw’s false and misleading information as well as the distribution of substitution materials. The management of Relmada noted that the District Court in Nevada had issued a temporary order as well as a conjunction against Laidlaw and its two principal Mathew Eitner and James Ahern as an outcome of their diffusion and the distribution of false data. The Relmada Board trust that Laidlaw must compensate their organization for the damages it has incurred and must be prevented from harming the pharmaceutical firm in the future.

Laidlaw & Company (UK Ltd), we are an investment banking organization which has been operating in the United Kingdom. Our investment firm can be described as a fully services commercial and brokerage firm that was primarily founded with a purpose of providing tailor made advice as well as skillful implementations to both public and private organizations as well as affluent individuals in the society. Our group is known to provide a broad range of products as well as services ranging from mortgage services, commercial banking, and wealth management to individuals and corporate institutions. Our organization has been able to expand its operations through the leadership of our principal Mathew Ertner who is the Chief Executive Officer and his co-partner James Ahern who is Managing Partner and the Head of Capital Markets.