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The Mission To Make Significant Improvements In People’s Lives

There are few people that are very passionate about making positive changes in people’s lives. Bob Reina is one of them. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to change people’s lives for the better. People that are passionate about finding the right methods are surely going to find a way to change the world. While very few come up with something that is going to really change the way of the world, there are people that can make a lot of difference in the world without coming up with some new invention.


Bob Reina dis come up with an invention that is turning out to be a really innovative invention. This invention is known as Talk Fusion. One of the good things about Talk Fusion is that it is an app that can be used for almost anything. On one hand is a communications app that allows people to connect in an even deeper way with others. It is also something that entrepreneurs could use in order to bring in more profits because it allows them to add video to their emails. The recipients of the email will have a better grasp on what is being promoted.


One of the reasons that Bob Reina is such an effective entrepreneur and philanthropist is that he is not just looking to give handouts to the unfortunate, he is also looking to support opportunities for the less fortunate to rise above their circumstances. This is one of the reasons that he is giving to a lot of entrepreneurs as well. They create the jobs so that more people will be able to work. This is one of the reasons he is doing everything he can to support entrepreneurs. He believes not just in giving people money, but also giving them means to make the money they need. Read:


Wikipedia Editors Advised to Write More about Native People

There is little information available online about indigenous people whose work of art has an impact on modern life. An example is Esther Belin, a multimedia artist, and poet, who does not have a Wikipedia page. Belin received the Pushcart Prize for her extraordinary artwork. Coverage for her work should appear on Wikipedia. Sherman Alexie, one of the world’s bestselling authors, is a huge fan of Belin’s poems. Apparently, several other Native American artists lack Wikipedia pages. According to the Indian Country Today Media Network’s (ICTMN) staff, the content on Wikipedia lacks enough coverage of indigenous people.

Wikiconference North America Edit-a-thon

Participants of the yearly Wikipedia conference (Wikiconference North America) need to attend an edit-a-thon themed on Indigenous Peoples’ Day. During the special event, the participants, who are Wikipedia experts and enthusiasts, will write articles that focus on indigenous people such as Native Americans. ICTMN’s staff mentioned that the articles would also concentrate on historical figures, ethnic groups, and movements in a new noteworthy approach.

This event will also expand Wikipedia’s exposure on forgotten groups. According to a 2011 Wikipedia editors’ survey, there are few women Wikipedia editors than men. Feminist Wikipedia editors are scheduling frequent edit-a-thons focused on empowering women to write and edit Wikipedia pages. They also want the coverage of topics related to women issues on the online encyclopedia to increase.

Advantages of Having a Wikipedia Page for Your Brand

Wikipedia comprises of articles based on diverse topics, people, and events. Its popularity increased because it is an open source community. This means that anyone can edit the information contained on the online encyclopedia.

Creating a Wikipedia page is beneficial to your brand. For instance, the page will improve your brand’s reputation. Several Wikipedia editors are available for hire. You can entrust Get Your Wiki writers with the work of creating and publishing a Wikipedia page for your brand. This will enhance the level of authenticity and credibility to your brand. Furthermore, you will record an increase in sales if the brand relates to products. Wikipedia ranks among the top websites indexed by search engines such as Google. After Get Your Wiki’s editors make a Wiki page for you, your brand’s search engine optimization will increase tremendously.

Talk Fusion Is More Than A Company Of Technology


Many individuals know about the company Talk Fusion, but they only know of it due to its impact in the world of technology. However, there is so much more to learn about Talk Fusion; it is one of the most influential companies in the world.


Talk Fusion is mainly known for helping companies engage in advanced marketing. They do this by offering companies the ability to market their business through a wide range of technology. This includes the use of video chat, video meetings, and video messages. There newest feature that has been a big hit is the video email function.


Business owners are connecting more with their customers, potential customers, and partners. Business owners have seen a major increase in their sales after using the services provided by Talk Fusion. Bob Reina has hired the best technicians that have put together a technological marketing program built to drive sales through the roof.


Bob Reina has also made sure that the marketing services provided by Talk Fusion are as low priced as possible. He has even made a program where business owners can pay a small fee every month to keep their service going. Getting service from Talk Fusion means you receive both the hardware and software supplies.


Bob Reina did not only develop this company to help business owners. He developed this company to help the entire community. Every month, a portion of the money he makes in sales goes to several different charities. Mr. Reina also hosts a dozen different fundraisers throughout the year; these fundraisers are done on behalf on several different charities.


Bob Reina searches out new charitable companies on a daily basis. He wants to help his community with all his might. Talk Fusion has started their own charitable organization. Money given and raised will go to people within the community that need medical treatment but cannot afford it. This includes major surgery, dental surgery, and more. Bob Reina explained to the press that he is not satisfied until he makes someone else satisfied. He has also made sure that all of his employees at Talk Fusion have the same mentality.


IAP Worldwide-Ingenuity And Purpose Around The Globe

IAP Worldwide Services lives up to its name by being in over 20 countries around the world. IAP operates in three areas including global operations and logistics, base operations support services, and support services and professional and technical services. The company is known for solving complex problems, and constantly adjusting to the changing worldwide environment. In 2014, the company received new ownership and a new board of directors that is charting the current direction.

While IAP Worldwide Services was founded in Irmo, South Carolina, as a logistics and procurement company providing generator supplies to the US Army, it traces its roots to Pan Am World Services, Inc. This company began in the 1950s providing construction and operations for the United States space launch facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida. In 1989, the company was purchased by Johnson Controls, Inc., and became known as Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, Inc., or JCWS.

In 2005 IAP acquired JCWS, and the company took its current name. Today the company continues to seek and employ the best employees to meet its three areas of expertise. A review of the company’s website reveals numerous employment opportunities, both in the United States and around the world. All of IAP’s employees strive to meet the saying on the company website, “We specialize in making the impossible possible.”

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When the United States government requires emergency response, IAP is there any day of the year. Whether it involves supplying emergency power, ice, or bottled water, the company has the manpower and resources to meet the needs of any emergency or natural disaster. This is one of the company’s special areas that includes medical needs, infrastructure and virtually anything else the government requires.

Another area where IAP Worldwide Services succeeds is logistical support at remote locations where the government needs to operate. Whatever is needed to establish a base, IAP can supply, whether it is a field hospital, a laboratory, or housing, IAP can set up and operate a small city anywhere in the world.

The reputation of IAP continues to grow as it meets the needs of its clients wherever they are in the world.

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