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Coworking Spaces in New York solving office space problems


There’s a new idea about workspaces, and it’s all about sharing. Yes, workspace sharing is catching on in a big way, and there are many reasons why.

Obviously, one of the big advantages of using a shared workspace is financial. An efficient workspace that is already furnished and that offers other amenities (like janitorial services and plant care) to go with a nominal fee can be a big bargain for startup companies and freelance workers.

The flexibility of these spaces is also a big plus. Many modern shared workspaces, like the increasingly popular Workville (in New York City close to Times Square), offer different types of lease arrangements for workers. Some companies choose to lease their own privates suites within a shared office, while some freelance workers might just choose to rent a desk in an open environment. Ultimately, workers can choose what works for them, which is all to the good.

Many workers in shared spaces also report that working in a shared environment is good for their productivity and good for their state of mind, too. A shared space can be very congenial, as there are more people around to chat with in between meetings or work sessions, and more people around to fix a cup of coffee or replace the printer paper. Given that several companies generally share a floor in a shared workspace, there is also the opportunity for workers to network with companies and get in a face-to-face meeting if they happen to be looking for a new position.

That’s why Workville NYC is becoming an increasingly popular coworking space for freelancers. Workville is situated right in the middle of one of the world’s most exciting cities, and the offices there have some amazing views.

Is it time to explore the shared workspace idea? Pay a visit to to see what it’s all about.