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Market America Convention 2017 Offers Insight On Internet Marketing

Market America is an online internet company that offers brands and companies a platform to market their products. It is through this firm that companies have succeeded in channeling their products to online shoppers. Market America was founded with the objective of availing products to consumers that prefer to shop online. Through Market America, companies have been able to collect feedback regarding their products. After collecting feedback, it becomes easy to produce only, what clients demand for.


Online marketing has extensively grown into a preferred marketing strategy. For most consumers in this generation, it is convenient and easy. Given the rise in platforms that generate outlet facilities, Market America ceased an opportunity in the business. That is why, as years turn, it grows its services beyond borders. Most importantly, Market America has affiliates that it works with. These affiliates contribute in marketing online products for clients. Aside from that, there is the Market America Convention 2017, a program that has added into the company’s ability to market brands.


Market America Convention is an event that accommodated over 20,000 people. These people witnessed the anniversary of the parent firm. The event was graced by a stylish stage that gave a warming ambiance to attendees. Most people would agree, that such events offer insight in regards to the company. The history was also explained in details. The convention explained the leadership of Market America in details. Most clients attended in order to grasp the originality of this famous company. To such clients, it was an amazing opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and internalize different marketing ideas. Market America Convention for this year was filled with gracious, yet magical moments. Offering entrepreneurial opportunities, the event welcomed many people that ended up benefiting from the plan. Market America seeks to diversify into modern, revolutionary, marketing platforms.

Raj Fernando, the King of Financial Trading

Raj Fernando started his career simply as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He did this partly when in college. Upon graduation, he worked his way up from one of the lowest positions to the highest. After many years of different trading positions at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade, Raj Fernando found his company known as Chopper Trading in 2002.

The company had a great start, in 2004 he had to stop full time trading with other businesses to make Chopper Trading a full-time endeavor. As the CEO, Mr. Raj Fernando was able to design, implement and manage one of the most sophisticated, communications trading, monitoring and risk management systems ever known in the financial industry.

Over the next years, Fernando grew Chopper Trading to become one of the largest market players in the trading world. He was able to get large exchanges such as Nasdaq, CME, LSE, Eurex, and ICE. The company grew to a massive 250 employees worldwide. It is composed of the industry brightest traders and engineers in the world. In the year 2015, Fernando sold Chopper to DRW, a leading company in the financial sector.

Raj Fernando launched an internet start-up known as in 2016. He developed the company so as to build and deliver trusted and reliable information to both individuals and corporations.  Fernando has had many years of expertise and experience in the international financial markets. He has handled various cyber security initiatives; he provides excellent counsel and insights to his company and to several organizations and boards he serves.

A lot can be said about Raj Fernando, what is makes him unique is that he always tries to keep the atmosphere in his work as pleasant as possible. Even though the nature of work he deals with is intense, he always loves and goes along with his employees. When hiring a company, Fernando does not get a significant number of aspirants and nag them with training like the companies.

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