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Duda Melzer and Success In Brazil

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is more widely known by his nickname Duda Melzer. He was born in May 1972 in Porto Alegre. Duda Melzer is a Brazilian businessman. He owns the company Digital e.Bricks which is an investment firm that operates with projects in the digital sector. Duda Melzer has been occupying the position of CEO and President if the company RBS Group since Jan. 1, 2016. The position was previously held by his uncle – Nelson Sirotsky. The RBS Group company was founded by his predecessors.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer received his education from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) majoring in Business Administration in 1998. He also attended the Harvard University Extension in the United States of America from which he received his MBA.

According to Pauliceiadojazz, Duda Melzer joined the family company, founded by his grandfather, in 2004. His first position at the RBS Group was Director General for the National Market. He excelled in the position, and so he was offered a promotion in 2008 which he accepted. Duda Melzer became the Vice President of Market and Business Development. In early 2010 he received another promotion and started occupying the post of Executive Vice President of RBS Group. The professional success of Duda Melzer continued, and in 2012 he assumed the position of CEO of the family company because he had to take over from his uncle – Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky. In 2016, the RBS Group experienced a number of changes in the organisation.

Duda Melzer’s private company e.Bricks Digital was also wildly successful. In May of 2013, an announcement was made that e.Bricks Digital has invested a total of $100 million in a variety of digital businesses. In 2016, there was another report, this time by e.Bricks Ventures. The company has made investments that amassed to a total of $300 million. Visit

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Don Ressler: Fashion Meets Forward Business

As health consciousness and personal fitness continue to to rise, most individuals have struggled to find the appropriate attire to reflect their healthy lifestyle on Whether its grab-and-go clothing designed to keep you comfortable or trendy new yoga apparel, the huge gap in stylish workout clothing has sparked a huge interest in those seeking valuable fitness apparel.

Global entrepreneur, Don Ressler noticed this huge gap and decided to help take action. Don decided to invest in a fast growing fitness apparel clothing brand idea. Titled Fabletics, this newly designed clothing brand works effectively to produce comfortable clothing for the everyday fitness folks.

The Fabletics brand was originally an idea sparked by Kate Hudson. Combining fabulously created garments and workout gear together, the Fabletics name has since grown into a mega brand. Dominating both the fashion industry and the athletic world, Kate Hudson and Don Ressler managed to create an unique and innovative brand unlike any other.

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Don found his love for athletics in college. Staying physically
fit became a weekly regimen for him and his wife. The entrepreneur has since grown to become one of America’s most wise businessmen.

Don Ressler has helped create and co-found some of the most notable brands on the market today. Specializing in ECommerce and strategic marketing matters and planning, Don is slowly revolutionizing the ECommerce industry. JustFab, Intelligent Beauty, TechStyle Fashion Group and a host of other businesses have thrived under the direct guidance of Don Ressler.

The businessman has worked with some of the most influential and notable names in the entertainment industry on Pando. From Kimora Lee Simmons to Kate Hudson, Don has built reputable brands with the most iconic and fashion forward names in the industry. His experience in technology and marketing has helped carry his business in uncharted territory.

Maximizing opportunities in all markets, Don has helped Kate Hudson and the Fabletics brand greatly increase their revenue. Fabletics has expanded from strictly online sales. The company now operates an estimated 16 stores throughout the country.

With last year total sales tripling, Fabletics is expected to
surpass its competitors. As the brand grows, Fabletics and Don strive to stay true to their passion. Providing fabulous clothes for reasonable prices and promoting a healthy lifestyle is the core of Fabletics. This belief is also the centerfold behind the creative minds of the company.

Learning From Eric Pulier Has Been A Pleasure

As someone who loves the tech field, I’m always pleased to encounter another person who shares my passion for this world. This is the case with Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier brings tremendous passion to this wonderful arena. Thanks to his help over the years, I’ve learned how it is possible to expand my own career into many new areas. I know I can always count on him for help when it comes to seeing new ways to do things. His own career has served as an example of the many ways that people can develop companies that serve to move the field into new and unexpected ways at every turn. He has shown me personally that is possible to have a career that combines entrepreneurship with a sense of true philanthropy.


One thing that has helped me think about my own career in totally new ways is his promotion of a wonderful venture called XPrize. This venture led to think about my own life in new ways. I have always had a business bent in life. Like Eric Pulier, I want to think of things that have not been thought about before. This contest says to me that we can come up with new ideas and see them happen in our lives. My own children were highly inspired to enter this content. While they did not win, they were given a chance to interact with someone who pushed them to think about the wonderful places they can go in their own lives.

Starting Early

Another amazing thing about Eric Pulier’s career is that it started so early. My own children have looked at this career and realized that they can do as he did and teach themselves to do all kinds of things in life. As they have grown, they have taken his career as a role model that they might want to emulate. They know that starting early is important and so is getting the skills they as Pulier did when he was attending Harvard. It is his devotion to education that has been something we call learn from.

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