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Success Tips with Eric Pulier

Most of the innovations that have changed the world were inspired by men who dared to dream and were not afraid of failure. At the end of the day, they beat all odds to transform ideas into tangible products. Some of the products that were are talking about include the iPhone, pyramids of Giza and even the computers you use. Eric Pulier is one innovator who has been on the forefront of innovation. He has managed to establish numerous ventures since he finished school. Some of these ventures have been very crucial in changing humanity especially in the field of health care.

His innovativeness has led him to accrue several titles such as that of a technologist and innovator. Beyond looking after himself, Eric Pulier is a man who spends some of his resources and time mentoring upcoming entrepreneurs. His insights on success cannot be attributed to many people. If you get to talk to Eric Pulier, he will encourage you to follow your passion even if it means disappointing close people to your life. Eric Pulier says that he became involved with business as he always had love for technology. He says that the best way to realize good ideas in the world we live in is through technology. The success of a product in the market also hinges on the same. One title that Eric Pulier loves is the title of a venture capitalist. This is where he is always looking for good ideas to fund. On a daily basis, Eric Pulier says that he conducts many interviews to identify good ideas worth funding.

Eric Pulier says that he is very skilled in learning people. This way, he can learn what people are passionate about and this way, he will be able to guide them in the right direction. Concerning how long it took him to become profitable, Eric Pulier says that it took him little time as he already knew some clients of the products Eric Pulier specializing in. Like any other business person, Eric Pulier says that he once doubted whether he would succeed in his line of business.

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Susan McGalla : A Legacy of Business and Philanthropy

Few business people have the bragging rights in modern business, like Susan P. McGalla. She is an example of hard work and business ethics, that is worthwhile for both men and women to model themselves after. In the last two decades she has become a force to be reckoned with and an inspirational figure, showing others how to create positive energy through synergy within financial business modeling.


All this and more comes from how McGalla runs her personal world, her business conduct, and her external interests outside of her career. Susan McGalla has built an impressive career being an executive consultant out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her work spans a number of top name companies and she continues to expand her resume to this day. A woman of humble beginnings, she was born, lived and was educated in the same city that she has always been a part of, so that Pittsburgh is part of her lifetime legacy of business and philanthropy.


Susan McGalla began her career life working various managerial and marketing positions with the Joseph Home Company. Although she is better known as the past president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc., a former CEO at Wet Seal Inc., and currently a board member with HFF Inc. and Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She also founded P3 Executive Consulting, while being the current VP for the Pittsburgh Steelers. All these achievements being with companies in her home and local city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.


In a short period of time, Susan McGalla has built a legacy as a business woman and philanthropist that is comparable to few in any industry. This ranks her among the most successful and entrepreneurial women in the 21st century. She is surely headed on to bigger and better endeavors as she continues down her career path in the future.

Adam Milstein Recognized for his Good Work

In a recently concluded survey, Adam Milstein was mentioned as one of the most influential people in the world. This survey was conducted using Facebook and Twitter popularity, and Adam Milstein ranked as number 187. This survey was conducted by London based firms known as Rise and Richtopia. This is not the first time that Adam Milstein has been named as one of the most influential figures in philanthropy. He was previously named by the Jerusalem Post as one of the most influential Jewish Leaders. However, he ranked position 39 out of 50 for this interview.


His popularity comes from his involvement with many Jewish organizations around the world such as Hasbara Fellowships, Israeli-American Council and StandWithUs. Other institutions that make Adam Milstein a popular figure in the Jewish community include AIPAC, Israel on Campus Coalition and the Adam and Gila Family Foundation. As with the last organization, Adam Milstein established the organization with the help of his wife Gila Milstein 16 years ago. Gila Milstein is an immigrant just like Adam Milstein having moved to Israel from Morocco when she was six years old. As for Adam Milstein, he moved to the United States in the year 1981 to pursue an MBA program from the University of Southern California.


This list by Rise and Richtopia consisted of famous people like Magic Johnson, Arianna Huffington, J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher and Elton John. Politicians who made this list included the likes of Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. This list would not have been complete without influential entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Trump just to mention a few. Adam Milstein said that he was honored for being included in this list and he said that philanthropy makes him the man he is today.


Long before he moved to the United States, Adam Milstein used to live in Haifa, Israel. In the year 1971, he joined the Israel Defense Forces and later fought for his country in the Yom Kippur War. Today, he is known as the proud owner of a company called Hager Pacific Properties alongside David Hager whom he met when he moved to the United States.

Eric Pullier Pulls Big Shots

It is not often that we’re fortunate enough to come across a multi-talented and multi-faceted entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, helping re-shape and impact the world in many positive ways. However, Mr. Eric Pulier is definitely one such distinguished individual. With a Bachelor’s of Art degree in English and American literature from the prestigious Harvard University(magna cum laude), his bright future was clearly evident early on. Of special note is the fact that his life since those early university days, has been marked by a focus on helping people who are economically disadvantaged. He has also helped children suffering from various chronic diseases and poor health conditions.


After graduation from Harvard, Mr. Eric Pulier decided to move to Los Angeles in 1991, and founded a successful organization called “People Doing Things.” This company focused on delivering technological innovations to the healthcare and education markets. Mr. Pulier has since gone on to make his mark in the world of technology, and to date has funded, co-founded, and started at least 15 different companies including: SOA Software, MediaPlatforms, Desktone, and US Media Interactive LLC (to name a few). Indeed Eric Pulier is a true leader, and has successfully raised hundreds of millions of dollars by himself, for funding his companies and his forward looking vision.


Few tech giants exhibit a compassion for helping the needy and less fortunate, the way Mr. Eric Pullier has. For example, he created a multimedia education platform to help those suffering from multiple sclerosis, so they could learn more about the condition. In 1995, Pulier worked with Stephen Spielberg, Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. and Peter Samuelson, to help develop the first private social media network called “Starbright World.” This social media technology platform allowed children with chronic illnesses to connect with each other, perform online chats and blog posts, and help each other cope better. Eric Pulier is a busy family man, and remains committed to learning and discovery about significant market trends and disruptive technology opportunities that can improve people’s lives. He likes keeping vigilante notes, and enjoys taking on life’s many challenges head-on.