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Lecturer In Law at Wessex

The Wessex Institute of Technology remains a cultural powerhouse specializing in creating revolutionary minds. Due to the school’s self-sustaining dynamic, they offer numerous careers for qualified individuals. Furthermore, the school remains searching for candidates eager to work as a Lecturer in Law. With such a desire to teach and learn, the school remains ranked as one of the world’s top schools.

Furthermore, commencement will begin in September of 2017. Therefore, the school welcomes all of its qualified candidates to apply for the job. Moreover, the school provides an equal job opportunity. In particular, the school need professionals in the field of torts, and things of that nature.

Qualified candidates who apply for the job should have an honor’s degree. Moreover, they should have a postgraduate degree. Therefore, the qualified candidate needs to have a doctoral degree. Should the candidate meet these requirements, they will join the ranks of other employees.

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George Soros and the Democracy Alliance

George Soros is an American business investor, philanthropist, political activist, author, and one of the richest people in the world. After the recent election of Donald Trump, Soros and other rich liberal contributors, who spent millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton to the Presidency, met in Washington DC for a three day meeting behind closed doors to bring together the big money contributors to fight against the new President elect.

The event was sponsored by the Democracy Alliance Donor club, at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The Democracy Alliance was started in 2004 by Soros, Peter Lewis, and a handful of democratic mega-donors who spent millions of dollars trying to get then Senator John Kerry elected President in his challenge to then President George W. Bush. This conference on featured leaders of many influential union and liberal groups. There was also appearances made by democratic leaders in politics like House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Progressive Caucus Chairman Keith Ellison.

This meeting marks the first time that there had been a meeting of the liberal minds since Donald Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton. When looking at the agenda on Forbes, it seems that liberals are planning to go to war against Trump from day one of his presidency.

Soros himself had taken a step back from political donations in recent years. However, with this election, he stepped back in the political giving arena by committing twenty five million dollars to Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes to try and defeat Trump and the Republican agenda. He also has not taken part in the Democratic Alliance meetings and proceedings in the past few years but decided to step back in and not only attend, but speak at this conference. This is an indication that George Soros is invested in opposing and stopping Donald Trump’s agenda.

On the agenda for the conference was a talk called “conversation with George Soros.” This talk focused on Soros’ personal experience with living through the Holocaust and Soviet Communism. This was put into context with a Trump Presidency, painting a not so rosy picture of what they believe the Trump Presidency will bring to America. George Soros has committed his foundations to protect open societies that are now being threatened in the United States. Soros banded with liberals and donors with plans to resist Trump and to take back power.

At the conference, there were sessions focused on protecting Obama’s legacy and the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, from Trump’s plan to dismantle all the progress that has been made. There were also panels on polling, rethinking how it is done and why it was so flawed in this election at They also worked on how the left needs to change their approach in winning over the working class voters. An importance was also placed on giving resources and money to state legislatures for their policy battles and races, where the Republicans won large victories in the last election.