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Teacher-parent Meetings are Becoming Obsolete

ClassDojo has introduced an app that will connect teachers, students, and their parents. It will enhance communication between them which will impact the students’ performance. The teachers and the parents will be in a position to monitor the student’s activity and social behavior.

The app is a great improvement as it will allow the educator and parents to communicate all throughout the year. The motivation behind developing the app is to help the parents to support their kids at home too.

The teachers have been equipped with a tool that will allow them to send messages and videos of the student’s activities in the classroom. They can also use the app to make a simple schedule to the parents.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011and it has received a great reception from the people. Today, the Company has over 85,000 schools in both private and charter systems that actively use the system.

Even though the app is similar to the Facebook and Snapchat platforms, it is purely designed for education purposes. The app has features that will create a positive culture in the classrooms.

How does the Company generate revenue? They provide quality and superior products and services that the parents are ready to pay for. The Founders indicated they don’t expect to monetize or generate any profits until later on. Their goal is to improve the education sector by providing a communication tool.

It is that simple premise that has enabled them to stay ahead of their competitors.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo app is designed with transactional features that will enable the parents to make easy payments to the school. They will be able to pay for services like field trips and supplies that the students need.

ClassDojo is a startup company with about 25 employees.  More related articles on They are yet to generate revenue from their services, but their mission has put them on the international mark. They founders are pioneers who seek to connect the teachers, students, and parents to enhance the performance.

Instead of creating the one-size-fits-all app, the founders involve the parents, teachers, and students in the planning so that they can provide what they need. ClassDojo has created a community.  Related articles here.

In the recent years, ClassDojo has won different awards. They have been honored by Forbes, NBC Today Show, Fast Company, and LinkedIn among others.  Refer to for further reference.

The founders have provided different resources that are specific to the three groups.

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ClassDojo Keeps Parents and Teachers Happy

There is a lot of interest in the ClassDojo app. This company has been able to help a lot of people save time. That may be the reason that this app has been favored by parents and teachers around the world. This is the type of application that is used in a plethora of different environments to bring better communication efforts together.

The new updates for ClassDojo include things like Student Portfolios and Student Stories. This apps is up to version 4, and it continues to improve and show a lot of parents things that they did not know about before. It is the type of app that really brings parents and teachers together. In the past it may have been a real issue for students to relay everything that their teachers had to say. When students are little they may not have the capacity to totally remember everything that they learned. Sometimes teachers will send notes home, but students have a tendency to lose notes. With ClassDojo all of the confusion goes away. People do not have to worry about any type of confusion on what the homework is. They can get the information that they need through ClassDojo.

Teachers are finding that this is the best way to help them stay in touch with other teachers. The app industry is flooded with a lot of apps, but teachers have found a way to share ideas through ClassDojo so this works quite well. There is also an opportunity for teachers to hand down assignments and reminders to their students through the ClassDojo app. This works very well for teenagers that are practically glued to their smart phones. It has become the best way to keep the lines of communication open if there is a question about an assignment that has to be completed. Every student may not have the courage to ask questions or admit that they do not understand something in class. The ClassDojo serves as a bridge for communication with the teacher if a student is too embarrassed to ask questions in the class.

ClassDojo has become one of the apps that has managed to build a presence far beyond the stretch of American classrooms. This is the app that has become used in multiple countries. It works well for parent around the world because all teachers need a community that gives them instant access to parents.

Learning from the Kabbalah Centre

Learning different spiritual practices can easily help you to grow in your own personal religion. Often times, people have issues when it comes to learning a new religion and this is why they turn to Professionals in order to benefit themselves. The Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish way of teaching that is part of this religion and is incredibly popular with individuals who would like to grow in a more spiritual matter. In fact, many people are switching to the Kabbalah as a way to grow in this amazing religion for their loved ones and for their own benefit.

The problem with learning Kabbalah on your own time is that it can be difficult and very time-consuming. If you do not have the time to try to teach yourself a brand new religion because you just find it too difficult for your lifestyle, it is a good option for you to visit a local Center that can do this for you. Not only will you be able to learn a brand-new religious teaching, but you will also be able to be around other people who have the same beliefs that you do and this can make you feel like you are part of a community. This Center is known as the Kabbalah Centre and it is home to a ton of people who simply want to learn more about this amazing religion that they feel can benefit them in more ways than just one at the current moment.

No longer do you have to struggle when it comes to learning Kabbalah on your own time and this can save you lots of headache in the future. You’ll also find this to be incredibly beneficial to your children because it enables them to learn the religion of the Jewish people and also know what the Kabbalah even is. This is great for so many people and can be exactly what you need in your life right now if you are struggling with your religion and spiritual needs. The Kabbalah Centre has open doors to a variety of people and will take you in as a visitor, guests and even as a member if this is something you so choose to do.

Five Reasons People Love the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a community learning centre that is bringing Kabbalah Teachings to the West. Originally founded in the 1960s, the Los Angeles located opened its doors in the 1980s under the direction and guidance of Philip and Karen Berg. The Berg’s have dedicated their lives to building a dynamic institution that brings together a diverse teaching staff that serves a growing population of Kabbalah followers.

Kabbalah is a belief system based off of an individualized interpretation of the Torah, or Jewish bible. It is considered a belief system, though it is not a religion in and of itself. Its universal nature has lead to its widespread acceptance amongst many Westerners who are seeking an alternative form of spiritually. While Kabbalah is thousands of years old and was once only available to a small, privileged group of individuals, it is now taught and practiced by people of varying backgrounds.

Today, there are several branches of the Kabbalah Centre spread throughout the United States. Each centre employs the best teachers and offers a variety of classes. The Centre also offers online courses that make Kabbalah accessible no matter how dynamic your schedule is. While many people, from renowned celebrities to everyday citizens, claim that the Kabbalah’s teachings have transformed and bettered their lives; for many people, trying it themselves is necessary.

For those who are unsure about whether Kabbalah is right for them, there are a variety of beginner classes that are available online for a low price. These classes explain the basics of Kabbalah, including the Zorah, the interpretation of the Torah, and the guiding points of the belief system. For those seeking to find a deeper meaning in life or to merely sort their way through life’s difficulties, these courses can have a profound influence.

Using Classdojo To Improve Communication Between Teachers And Parents

Parents have always been eager to know how their children are doing at school. Traditionally, this was almost impossible as there was no cheap and convenient way that this information could be relayed to the parents. The parents had to wait until a parent-teachers meeting is held in order to learn about their children’s performance. Even then, the time allocated was little, and the meeting had to be hurried. ClassDojo app has changed this scenario for Jill Smith and other parents worldwide. The app has been developed to help teachers and parents communicate effectively through texts, videos, and photos. This is as easy as one needs to grab a smartphone and flip to the app.

Jill has been using the app daily. This way, he has been able to follow on how her son, who is a fifth-grader at Berry Intermediate School, is doing. She can know every detail about what the child was up to during the day and what grade he received in his various homework. What is even amazing with the app is that one no longer needs to wait until the end of the day to learn about his or her son or daughter. As soon as any information is uploaded, one can see it immediately. If the parent is busy, the information is stored until one opens the application.

The communication platform’s ability to provide a steady stream of feedback has ensured that teachers, parents and students in Warren County have a good connection and that each of them is empowered. It has also encouraged a healthy relationship between the three parties by encouraging participation from each of them.

The Classd Dojo platform is also built to promote positivity among students. Unlike previous communication platforms that focused on what the students were doing wrong, ClassDojo zeroes in on what the student’s are doing right. In addition, it highlights students’ ability to improve both in their academic works and in behaviors. This is emphasized by the app’s feature that enables students to earn ‘Dojo Dollars’ because of their positive deeds.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a communication platform that focuses on creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. The app is designed to enable teachers to create an integrated community made up of teachers, parents and students. This community ensures a ground-up change among students.

The app is used in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States. It can be downloaded from either Apple Store or Google Play. The app is also widely used outside the United States. Currently, teachers and parents in at least 180 countries use ClassDojo.


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