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Three Pillars of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a unique opportunity for children from low income families who place a high value on education. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit network of charter elementary schools designed to provide quality educational services to those living in low income neighborhoods where a good education is usually not available. It is well known that impoverished neighborhoods have trouble providing a decent educational system for the children living in these communities. Rocketship education was designed to change that by offering excellent educational services to everyone.

The three principles that makes Rocketship such a success are engaged parents, individualized learning for students, and excellent teachers and leaders. These three things combined make Rocketship a transformative school designed to help students succeed.

The Rocketship model of education takes into consideration that parents play a vital role in their child’s education. By engaging parents, Rocketship believes students can achieve more. Not only does Rocketship have programs to educate and encourage parents to become leaders at home, they also provide education to help parents become leaders in the school and community as well. By becoming involved leaders, parents are better advocates for their children.

All children learn differently, and it has been proven that there are different learning styles that work for different people. Rocketship Education believes that every child is unique and uses an individualized approach to learning. Lessons are tailored to each individual child’s needs and allows them to learn at their own pace. Every child receives individualized instruction according to their level of learning.

Rocketship Education employs only excellent educators that are dedicated to improving their teaching abilities. Continued education and training is required for teachers to grow as leaders. To ensure that students are provided with a quality education Rocketship invests a lot in teachers through dedicated coaching, professional development, and leadership programs.

In conclusion, engaged parents, individualized learning, and excellent teachers are the three pillars that Rocketship Education was built upon. These three core principles are what makes a difference in student achievement, especially in low income neighborhoods where this type of education is rare. Rocketship takes a unique approach to educating students that focuses on involving everyone in the teaching process.