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How The Search Fixers Can Help With Your Online Reputation Management Issues

It is often said that your reputation is all that you have. This is true in both your business and your personal life. In today’s modern age, the internet can be used to build up or tear down your reputation. In many cases, your reputation can be damaged in less time than it was built. At the first sign of a damaged reputation it is best to set a plan in motion to get it repaired. This easier to do than most people think once you know the secret. The secret is to engage professional online reputation management services.

The Search Fixers is an online reputation management service ( that can help you get a better handle on the repair of your online reputation. As leaders in this industry, The Search Fixers consultants know the ins and outs of online reputation management and know how to get your online reputation fixed to show your business in the correct light.

Far too often things get posted online that are not a true representation of your business. A few negative reviews that are blown out of proportion or completely untrue and your business could start to see a decline in increased new business. This is simply because the new prospect is not sure what to think. All they have to base their choice on is the review and they have no way of knowing if it is based in fact or fiction. It is for this reason you need to engage the services of an online reputation management company like The Search Fixers.

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This company helps business people and individuals restore their reputation by cleaning up the negative results in search engines. Although the exact methods used differ depending on the situation, the basic idea is the same. The idea is to clean up the negative reviews and add reviews that are positive and truthful in nature. When the new customer reads the positive reviews they start to realize that you are the person or business that can handle giving them the services or products that they know, like and trust.

Many people think that they can handle their own online reputation management, however, nothing is further from the truth because it takes a team of dedicated professionals working around the clock to keep the reputation of your name or business stellar. In business and even in your personal life, your name and good reputation is often all you have.

Honoring an Online Marketing Giant

What would be considered a monumental couple of years in the business world is just the beginning of Status Lab’s expansion in the online marketing world. This digital reputation management and PR firm has grown over 1,099% since 2012 and has made it to the Inc. 500 list, an honor shared only by the fastest-growing companies within their respective industries.

Status Labs received Inc. Magazine’s illustrious honor on August 17, 2016. The company was chosen because of its massive growth over the last few years, however, Inc. also included Status Labs on their top 500 list because of its outstanding public relation programs and digital marketing reputation management capabilities. Inc. was also deeply impressed by the firm’s continuous innovation within the online marketing industry.

Darius Fisher, the president and CEO of Status Labs, was very proud of his company’s recognition by Inc. Magazine He pointed out that receiving this award was a testament to the continually increasing demand for SEO, online marketing, digital reputation management, and online PR.


As mentioned earlier, Status Labs operates in various marketing fields: digital reputation management, online marketing, and public relations. To keep up to date with new technologies and strategic plans affecting the online landscape, Status Labs has branched out throughout the U.S. and abroad. Currently, Status Labs has offices in New York, Austin and San Paulo, Brazil. The firm’s main focus is protecting their client’s online reputations, which they secure through various digital marketing reputation and PR methods.


As the co-founder and president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher is responsible for the strategic vision and direction of the company. Under his influence, Status Labs improved its marketing position through digital service offerings and added a host of Fortune 500 companies to its client base.

Mr. Fisher graduated with honors and earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Vanderbilt University . Before co-founding Status Labs, he worked as a political consultant for Storefront Political Media and as a senior copywriter for Agora Publishing. He speaks Spanish and Portuguese and is a volunteer entrepreneur mentor at Defy Ventures, an online entrepreneurship, employment, and character building program.

The Importance of Search Cleanup

As the cultural landscape adapts to accommodate the growing influence of the internet on our daily lives, it becomes clearer each day that your online reputation is often the same reputation that you’ll carry into your daily life. It’s easier than ever for any individual or employer to pull your online profile from the internet, and more often than not the information they receive from that data pull will form that invaluable first impression before you have a chance to.

Your online reputation is even more crucial if you happen to operate a business with any kind of online presence. Negative information about yourself or your business that’s left unchecked can have dire consequences on your professional future.

So what do you do? Should you hunt down every piece of information about you online and seek to alter it? Do you lodge complaints against everyone that has ever spoken out against you? What do you do about your online reputation once you become conscious of its importance?

Well, the very first thing that you should do is not panic. It may be tempting to try to resolve any potentially negative information out there yourself, but often times engaging in this practice will only exasperate the problem. Instead, one of the best things you can do is engage the services of an online reputation management website such as to do the legwork for you.

Their thorough research abilities and skillful removal process helps the service accomplish the kind of reputation cleansing that you may be tempted to perform by engaging your detractors head on.

The use of such a reputation management service along with a prudent awareness of your online actions and their potential consequences can go a long way to ensuring that you can actually benefit from your online reputation as opposed to living in fear of the consequences it can have on your future. Check out their Facebook page for more information as well.

Reputation management services– Does your business need them?


The days maybe long gone when business owners have to make excuses and try to pacify their customers because things didn’t go smoothly on a business transaction. Customers now have most online businesses under a microscope, just waiting for you to make that one mistake, so they can begin taking you apart piece by piece. Now, businesses can breath a sigh of relief knowing that there are online reputation repair services that that save their reputation.

These companies will help you keep the character of your online business intact. They do more than just remove the negative remarks. They focus on changing the way the customer identify your company making your business look great in everyone’s eye. This may even change your bottom line.

ORM knows that there are some companies which are hesitant to fix bad reviews. So they try fixing the problem themselves only to create a bigger problem. Reputation management consultants know that is not the best decision, because after the customers post all of their derogatory remarks, it would be harder to get back on track and much difficult to control. They remind everyone that customers do look at reviews and most make up their minds from them.

Then there is Word Of Mouth Marketing which plays a huge part in people making up their minds. Here, people can voice their opinion about a company, whether giving it rave reviews or unfavorable ratings. This can either get more traffic to your online business or destroy you completely. ORM reminds companies that they must fix bad online reputation so they can hold on to their reputation, so they can proactively get positive feed backs.

Also, ORM can help individuals fix bad search results. According to ORM, when one is looking for a job, the potential employer will 77% of the time conduct a Google Search. Here they will show you how to make sure that your possessive attributes are at the top and the negatives ones are way below. So, if one has a business or just want internet reputation repair, it maybe something to look into.

One company to check out is The Search Fixers. They have years of experience helping businesses repair their online reputation. Contact them here.