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Neurocore Tells It All About Depression

Depression is serious business. It is the leading cause of disability in the United States between people who are between fifteen and forty four years old. It is the number three issue that causes problems in the workplace. Around sixteen million Americans suffer from depression. Yet, there is a limited availability of funds for research. It causes more deaths than breast cancer, but there is only around one hundredth of the funds available for breast cancer research available for research about depression.

Depression can develop on its own, even without difficult experiences in someone’s life. At the same time, if someone is going through a difficult time, they are more likely to suffer from depression. There are also several types of depressive disorders. Some last for just a few weeks, while others can last for years. Some come after pregnancy, while others are deep and painful and are experienced by people who somehow manage to go about their daily lives and show no sign of depression on the outside. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Signs of depression may not always be obvious. They include feelings of no self esteem, persistent sadness, persistent feelings of emptiness, lack of interest in doing anything, lack of interest in things that used to interest them, lack of interest in eating, trouble sleeping, waking up at night, fatigue, always being tired and exhausted, not being able to get out of bed, and so much more. There are also physical problems that are caused by depression. Headaches, stomach aches, back pain, and more are all caused by depression.



Depression, if not treated and if it becomes serious, can lead to suicide, which is the number one cause of death among young Americans. However, even the most severe forms of depression can be treated, so you need to make sure that if you know someone who is depressed, that they go for treatment.

Neurocore can treat depression with neurofeedback. This analyzes the brain. After figuring out what is wrong, a customized plan can be set into place.

Neurocore uses various methods to analyze the brain. They are all tried and tested and work well. Follow Neurocore on