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I Thought I was Safe Until I was Hacked

I have recently learned that anyone can be a victim on the internet. I thought I was safe from cyber security threats until I was hacked myself. Hackers don’t only target individuals like me, they also threaten large companies and even the government. Because I was hacked I now know that the only way to protect myself on the internet is to take cyber security seriously or it could cost me even more than it already has. The cost of hacking is already projected to rise to six trillion dollars by 2021!

That is why I bought Rubica. Rubica is one of the best cyber security companies that protects against any online threat I might encounter. When I was hacked I felt like I had no one to turn to who could protect me while I was online. Now I can breathe easy knowing Rubica’s cyber security experts are actively monitoring my data, letting me know if any threats are around the corner. Even if I leave the country I know that data from any and all of my wireless devices are being routed safely through a private network. Now I feel safe from online threats.

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