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Wikipedia Editors Advised to Write More about Native People

There is little information available online about indigenous people whose work of art has an impact on modern life. An example is Esther Belin, a multimedia artist, and poet, who does not have a Wikipedia page. Belin received the Pushcart Prize for her extraordinary artwork. Coverage for her work should appear on Wikipedia. Sherman Alexie, one of the world’s bestselling authors, is a huge fan of Belin’s poems. Apparently, several other Native American artists lack Wikipedia pages. According to the Indian Country Today Media Network’s (ICTMN) staff, the content on Wikipedia lacks enough coverage of indigenous people.

Wikiconference North America Edit-a-thon

Participants of the yearly Wikipedia conference (Wikiconference North America) need to attend an edit-a-thon themed on Indigenous Peoples’ Day. During the special event, the participants, who are Wikipedia experts and enthusiasts, will write articles that focus on indigenous people such as Native Americans. ICTMN’s staff mentioned that the articles would also concentrate on historical figures, ethnic groups, and movements in a new noteworthy approach.

This event will also expand Wikipedia’s exposure on forgotten groups. According to a 2011 Wikipedia editors’ survey, there are few women Wikipedia editors than men. Feminist Wikipedia editors are scheduling frequent edit-a-thons focused on empowering women to write and edit Wikipedia pages. They also want the coverage of topics related to women issues on the online encyclopedia to increase.

Advantages of Having a Wikipedia Page for Your Brand

Wikipedia comprises of articles based on diverse topics, people, and events. Its popularity increased because it is an open source community. This means that anyone can edit the information contained on the online encyclopedia.

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