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Norka Luque Proves to be Force to Reckon with in Music  

Norka Luque is deemed as one of the best music rising stars of this generation. She writes and sings her music with an objective to bring about a positive impact on society. Aware of how it feels to be a victim of personal crisis, Norka strives to give hope to those going through a rough patch in their life through her music. Her music features messages of love and hope in an attempt to influence people’s emotions and thoughts positively.

Academic and Working Background

Norka experienced a wonderful childhood under the support of her loving parents who not only saw her talent in music but also made sure they nurtured it in the best possible manner. Through their support, Norka took part in numerous lessons revolving around music such as voice, salsa, flamenco and piano classes among others. Despite her well-nurtured music talent, Norka understood the benefits of attaining education. This thirst for education led Norka to move to France to pursue a business administration degree after completing her high school studies.

Life in France presented Norka with an opportunity to pursue numerous fields such as marketing, culinary art as well as fashion. She also had an opportune moment to pursue her music talent by serving as a soloist for the Bad Moon Rising, a music band. This gave her a chance to exercise her passion for music, as the band performed in many clubs and social gatherings around France. Although Norka is undoubtedly talented in music, her music career did not just take off easily. She served in Monaco’s banking sector before opting to pursue a music career in the United States.

Music Life

Norka’s budding music career took a turn for the best after she met with Emilio Estefan Jr, a popular music producer. By fine-tuning her talent under the observation and guidance of the prominent music producer, she released her first single, as you do, in 2011. Later in 2012, she launched Miracle as her second single. The song became a favorite hit in several countries like Venezuela, the United States, and Puerto Rico. On top of Miracle’s beautiful message, it features a blend of sounds like Mediterranean traces, reggae as well as Caribbean sounds.

Norka’s newest release, Tomorrowland, is expected to follow the footsteps of her first two songs. Additionally, her music has elicited worldwide recognition as well as nominations for top music awards such as the Latin Music Awards.