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George Soros: His Lifetime of Generous Donations

The major philanthropist and entrepreneur George Soros has just given over 80 percent of his total wealth to charity. This monumental move is one for the ages. He has been heralded as a national hero and many organizations are thankful for his amazing contribution. George Soros is a well known billionaire who built his wealth over the course of his lifetime by chasing the American Dream. Now, he has made it possible for others to chase that very same dream.

George Soros donated $18 billion to Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations is an international foundation composed of multiple charities. The charities comprising the foundation are spread across multiple sectors throughout the world. George Soros felt this was an excellent expenditure of his life’s work. More than 100 countries have benefitted thanks to the generous donation. The majority of the work done in the foundation consists of charity work in fields like public health, refugee relief, and education.

Donating $18 billion is no small feat. The large sum of money represents the vast majority of George Soros’ net worth. It is exactly 80 percent to be sure. He has been called the 29th wealthiest person in the world by Forbes.

Because of the amazing donation to Open Society Foundation made by George Soros, the foundation is now one of the foremost charities in the United States. The only charity with more assets on their books than Open Society is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Both charities have done excellent work in creating opportunities for families in America. They are responsible for sponsoring the improved educational facilities in public schools and providing greater protection for refugees. They have funneled money into hospitals for health care and have been the main cause of improved facilities. The hospitals that benefit from their gracious donations have been able to care for more patients and hire more staff, new wings have been built, and research into debilitating diseases has been done. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros has contributed a lot to foreign countries. His very first charitable donation was made to South Africans. He contributed resources to improve education during apartheid. He gave scholarships to the students in need and because of his donations; the black South Africans were able to attend school and college when they may not have otherwise had the chance. He also donated food and health care items for the South Africans. Because of this first donation, his career as a philanthropist skyrocketed.

George Soros has also donated photocopiers to people living in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. These photocopiers were instrumental in helping spread freedom of speech in an oppressive regime. Because of his contributions, Eastern Europe was able to overcome the shackles of communism.

George Soros has had the pleasure of helping many people during his lifetime. His contributions will always be remembered as beneficial to the betterment of all humankind. It goes to show that the American Dream is alive and well within the heart of George Soros and he has helped spread it to future generations. Read this article on Politico about George.