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Excite Your Pup With Beneful’s Scrumptious Line

Finding an affordable bag of dog food that fido will go crazy for is easier said than done. Fortunately, Beneful dog food has a large variety of delectable flavors to entice any palate of man’s best friend. Walmart stores carry the most expansive selection of Beneful dog food with prices that can’t be beat.

The Breakdown

Both dry dog food and wet dog food options of Beneful’s offerings come in a large array of flavors and sizes to accommodate the needs of dogs at all stages of life and activity levels. Prices for bagged dry dog food at Walmart range from $0.85 per pound to $1.30 per pound, so even the largest bag weighing 40 pounds won’t set you back more than $35. In addition to the savings reflected in Beneful’s dry food options, their line of wet food products keep more money for you with single-serve meals starting at just under $2 for 10 ounces. Variety wet food packs are priced between $7-$20 for 12 pack cases. Extra savings can be found on Walmart’s coupon clipping app or on their online savings portal.

Choose With Confidence

Beneful has just completed an ingredient reformulation of their dry dog food making the number one ingredient a source of real beef, chicken or salmon protein in their most popular flavors while dropping unnecessary additives. While Beneful’s real ingredient dry dog food carries a higher price, the benefits of pleasing your pup and resting easy knowing that you are providing a delicious and clean meal for make up for the nominal cost increase. Real ingredients are just one of Beneful’s commitments to dog owners across the United States proving that man’s best friend deserves a front seat, windows down.