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Jose Henrique Borghi Explains How Collaboration Breeds Success In Advertising

The field of advertising in Brazil and across the globe has become one that brings in a range of different media options to be utilized by creatives and executives like Jose Henrique Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil. In his career, Jose Henrique Borghi has established his own ad agency and explored the many different options open to his advertising clients to develop individual campaigns that can cross over different media options and push forward a company, product, or service in the most enlightening way possible.

In the arena of Brazilian advertising, Jose Henrique Borghi is a legendary figure with 14 Golden lions from Cannes a sign of the success he has achieved over his long and varied career. Jose Henrique Borghi recently completed campaigns for the candy retailer Fini and the banking institution CAIXA; the success of the CAIXA campaign was built around the use of the song “Once Again” by Renato Russo, which reflected the long term commitment being made between the financial institution and their customer when a new savings account was opened. choosing the song, “Once Again” was a collaborative effort between the staff at two Mullen Lowe offices in Brazil who came together to deliver a campaign loved by both the public and the client of the ad agency.

As the available media options open to advertising creatives continue to grow the Mullen Lowe Brasil founder, Jose Henrique Borghi, believes collaboration will become even more important in the coming years for each of the members of the Brazilian advertising industry to know more: click here.

In developing the campaign recently released for Fini, Jose Henrique Borghi revealed teams of workers had combined their efforts to develop both Online and offline campaigns for the candy retailer taking in print, radio, TV, and Internet based options.