A New Way To Worship, The Mighty Fortress Church

Minnesota is full of beautiful and amazing churches. These churches not only are they beautiful, but they are also rich in American and religious history. The houses of worship comprise of both new and old buildings. Some of them are simple yet breathtaking while others are architectural masterpieces.

The St. Paul Church of Assumption is the oldest in existence. It was built in 1870. The building was designed like a church in Munich, Germany. The architecture used at that time in Germany revolved around the Romanesque Revival design. Very little has changed with the interior since the 1800’s. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

The New Trier Church of Saint Mary’s situated on a hilltop north of the Cannon Falls. The church was constructed in 1909. It is listed as one of the county’s historic buildings in the National Register of Historic Places. The small church borrows its design from the French Beaux-Arts architectural designs.

The Minneapolis Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church is based on an iconic church located in Cambridge, England. It was built in 1916. Its designs feature rural English gothic architecture. The church was once the second tallest building in Minneapolis.

For the Christians who are seeking to deepen their knowledge and relationship with Christ, the Mighty Fortress offers a difference. The church focuses on changing the lives of its followers through practical Bible teaching sessions and fellowship. The church promises an authentic style of worship with teachings that are relevant to this modern era.

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The Mighty Fortress encourages its visitors to be themselves while they attend the services. This is after noticing how many people fail to attend services due to the atmospheres created by the churches. Repeating of meaningless weekly rituals often pushes people from attending church services. Mighty Fortress believes that everyone is meant to contribute to the body of Christ, that is why they ensure their services are enjoyable.

Bishop T.R Williams is the senior pastor and overseer of Mighty Fortress Church. He has been in active ministry for more than 30 years in various capacities. Bishop Williams emphasizes on the treasures of wisdom and knowledge that are found in the Word of God during his ministry. He believes that it is through these treasures that questions about the current problems that people face on earth, can be answered. View the interactive map at minneapolisnorthwest.com.

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