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Yanni Hufnagel- Developing Players

The coaches that survive in college basketball usually are great at doing multiple things. A college coach must be able to recruit, motivate players and run a clean program. While many coaches struggle to have success in this profession, there are a several who have found a way to succeed in the profession. Yanni Hufnagel is one of those coaches. Hufnagel has built an incredible resume in a short time. He has proven he has the ability to develop players

Yanni Hufnagel began his career at Oklahoma University. Working as a graduate assistant at the time, he was given the opportunity to work alongside the mens basketball team. Hufnagel took advantage of this opportunity. He worked very hard and quickly gained a reputation as an excellent recruiter and player developer. One of the players he gets credit for working with during this time is current NBA All-Star Blake Griffin. Hufnagel was well on his way to success.

Recruiting success continued at Hufnagel’s next stop Harvard University. It was here that Yanni hooked up with Tommy Amaker. The two coaches worked hard to build a program that made the NCAA tournament on more than one occasion. During his time at Harvard Hufnagel had the chance to help develop both Wesley Saunders and Jeremy Lin. People in the sports world were beginning to take notice of his talents.

There were multiple stops for Yanni after Harvard including California University and Vanderbilt. Hufnagel continued to help recruit great players and establish himself as an excellent player developer. These players include the likes of Jaylen Brown, Matthew-Fisher-Davis and Ivan Rabb. With the success he has had and the incredible resume he has built, it should be merely a matter of time before Yanni Hufnagel is a head coach at a major division one college.


Stem Cell Transplants, Multiple Sclerosis, and Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta

According to the news release ,cell transplants can also induce the remission of multiple sclerosis. This is witnessed from the new clinical trial results that show the progress of patients after HDI (high-dose immunosuppressive) therapy. According to the results of the new trials, five years after the therapy and cell transplant, 69 percent of the patient survived without experiencing disability or new brain lesions. The most important part is that there is no participant who undergone MS medications after the HDIT/HCT treatment. Also, studies show that the currently available MS drugs have the least success rate. The clinical trial of the stem cell transplants and HALT-MS was sponsored by NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), which is the branch of NIH (National Institute of Health). Also, the researchers of these organizations published the three-year results of their studies in 2014.

Besides, the symptoms of MS have a wide variation and sometimes include chronic pain, fatigue, speech difficulties, weakness, and motor. The most common type of MS is the relapsing-remitting MS that is characterized by mild relapses. As time goes by, the ailment continues to worsen and can shift into a progressive disease. In the HALT-MS study, researchers tested for the durability, efficacy, and safety of the HDIT/HCT for 24 volunteers who were of age between 26 and 52. However, these volunteers experienced active inflammation even after taking the clinically available medications.

About Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a registered Psychiatrists and Neurologists from New Jersey. He attended a Government Medical College and graduated in 1979. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta has more than 38 years of experience in the field of Neurology. As a Neurologists, Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is also a member of Eastern Neurodiagnostic Association and his current location of practice is in Voorhees, New Jersey.

As a professional Neurologists and Psychiatrists, Dr. Shiva Gopal can accept multiple insurance plans including Blue Shield, Blue Cross, Horizon, Humana, and Medicare. Apart from using English as the official communication Language, Dr. Shiva also communicates very well with clients who speak Spanish.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Work to Provide Helpful Tips About Immigration and Civil Rights

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have done a lot of different things to help immigrants get what they need when they are trying to live in the United States. The Frontera Fund is one of the biggest things that they have had a part in when it comes to making people better through different civil rights and immigration problems.

They want to be able to help people and use the Frontera Fund combined with different things, like helpful tips, to make things easier on everyone. This has given them a chance to do more and to be helpful to other people.

The Frontera Fund started with a huge settlement from the sheriff’s department that was located in Arizona. It was a big help and something that the men were able to use to make things easier to help other people.

While they had always worked hard to help people and to make things easier for other people, they knew that the Frontera Fund would be the best opportunity possible to truly have an impact on the people who they wanted to help with civil rights, human rights and even major immigration cases that they were a part of.

The fund is not only able to provide people with money but it also gives them a chance to see the helpful tips and information that they need to make the cases easier. It is something that has changed over the years and something that the men have worked hard on since the beginning.

They enjoy offering tips based on information that they have gained from other cases that people have been a part of and from the information that they have collected from these types of cases throughout the duration of their careers in publishing and human services.

From the beginning of their careers, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were focused on publications and using the information to make things easier on people who were in different situations. They were always working toward making rights better for people and making it easier for them to live their lives the way that they wanted in the United States.

Both Jim and Michael knew that doing this would give them a great chance to get information out and to tell people what they had a right to be able to do. Even now, with the fund at the front of their initiative, they still work hard to make publications important.

There are many partnerships that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have formed throughout the time that they have worked in publishing and other areas that they are a part of. It is something that they have been able to use to make things better on themselves and on the people who they work with. Since the first time that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey formed a partnership, they were able to give everyone the opportunities that they needed to make their lives better and to have more options for the people who they provide help.

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The Leadership Skills of Lori Senecal in the Digital Advertising Field.

Lori Senecal is one of the most respected digital advertising professionals. She has made significant accomplishments in the advertising industry and has been acting as CP+B’s global CEO since March 2015. Senecal will be in the office until the end of 2017 when she is set to retire. Before being offered the current role, she acted as the CEO of MDC Partners and still maintained the position even after joining CP+B. The chairperson of the advertising agency, Chuck Potter, believes that the outstanding skills and experience of Lori have helped the in making its services flexible and lively.

CP+B has bettered its performance in the industry since Senecal took over its leadership. She was the major player in the deal that enabled CP+B to take over the American Airlines advertising account from TM Advertising, which had worked with it for about two and a half decades. CP+B was given the account in October 2015. Porter has been working closely with Senecal to determine excellent strategies that the company can use in developing a competent management team. They have also been consulting each other to ensure that the make the right decisions concerning the future administration of the firm. Chuck believes that the business will be prepared for any form of transformations by the time Senecal leaves her position. Many clients have praised the company since she took over its leadership.

The digital advertising company is currently working to nature new leaders. One of these individuals is Danielle Aldrich, who was appointed as the new president of CP+B West. In her position, she will be overseeing the operations of CP+B Boulder and CP+B Los Angeles. Aldrich formerly acted one of the CP+B Boulder’s MDs. She was also one of the principal participants in winning of the American Airlines and Hershey accounts. You can visit Forbes to know more.

The company currently has ten branches that are located in different parts of the world, and they are managed by highly talented professionals. The employees of the agency have committed themselves to making sure that it is successful in the international markets. Lori believes that having a competent management team will ensure coordination of the divisions and also enable clients to get the best services. Lori career success has made her be appreciated by many women as a mentor. There are very few female professionals who have managed to reach the level of her accomplishments in the digital advertising industry. She has been mentoring other women who want to be successful in the sector.

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Provides Abundant Services

Nexbank has managed to become one of the most popular community banks in Texas. This is a financial institution that has managed to gain the attention of a lot of customers that are interested in a bank that has competitive interest rates for money market accounts and certificates of deposit. This has become one of the favorite banking institutions for many people that are trying to buy homes and cars because it allows them to finance at interest rates that are better than the average banking institution.

Commercial Banking is also very easy for businesses that are looking for some type of tailor made banking solutions for real estate lending and commercial lending. There is also a treasury management department for Nexbank that can provides customers with access to things like analysis accounts and high-yield money-market accounts.

Nexbank been around for many years, but the changes in leadership is what has made this company even more popular. Now that James Dondero is in a management position with Nexbank things appear to be going even smoother for this Nexbank. This institution is growing even stronger in a way where there is a greater focus on giving customers access to a vast variety of financial services for personal and corporate accounts.

There is also a need for Nexbank by clients that need the aid of a real estate advisory board. People that are in need of property management can get help from consultants that can help them with their real estate investments. There are also industry coverage analysts that can help clients that are trying to maximize investment opportunities in different industries. The services that are provided by Nexbank is what has allowed this community branch to grow into a massive institution that has customers even outside of the state of Texas.


Susan McGalla : A Legacy of Business and Philanthropy

Few business people have the bragging rights in modern business, like Susan P. McGalla. She is an example of hard work and business ethics, that is worthwhile for both men and women to model themselves after. In the last two decades she has become a force to be reckoned with and an inspirational figure, showing others how to create positive energy through synergy within financial business modeling.


All this and more comes from how McGalla runs her personal world, her business conduct, and her external interests outside of her career. Susan McGalla has built an impressive career being an executive consultant out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her work spans a number of top name companies and she continues to expand her resume to this day. A woman of humble beginnings, she was born, lived and was educated in the same city that she has always been a part of, so that Pittsburgh is part of her lifetime legacy of business and philanthropy.


Susan McGalla began her career life working various managerial and marketing positions with the Joseph Home Company. Although she is better known as the past president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc., a former CEO at Wet Seal Inc., and currently a board member with HFF Inc. and Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She also founded P3 Executive Consulting, while being the current VP for the Pittsburgh Steelers. All these achievements being with companies in her home and local city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.


In a short period of time, Susan McGalla has built a legacy as a business woman and philanthropist that is comparable to few in any industry. This ranks her among the most successful and entrepreneurial women in the 21st century. She is surely headed on to bigger and better endeavors as she continues down her career path in the future.

Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Life Of Eric Lefkofsky

Born on the 2nd of September 1969, Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur from the United States of America. He spent his childhood in Michigan and attended Southfield-Lathrup High school and later graduated from University of Michigan in 1991 with honors. He then continued with law studies at the same university and graduated in 1993.

Brief Entrepreneurial History

Eric began his entrepreneurial life as a carpet seller in University of Michigan. It was after his graduation from law school that Eric Lefkofsky and his college friend started up their first company. This made the debut of the founding of his many businesses Eric Lefkofsky is one of the co-founders and also the chief executive officer (CEO) of Tempus. In addition to this, he also happens to among the co-founders of Groupon, Echo Global Logistics and also Lightbank, which a Chicago-based capital firm.

About Tempus

Tempus is a technology-based company which has built an OS (Operating system) to help battle cancer. He quit his chief executive officer role at Groupon so that he could work on Tempus. This is a health technology startup that is building infrastructure to help bring up to date cancer treatment. The role of the company is to assist doctors and other healthcare specialists to come up with real-time, data-driven and individualized patient treatment and management decisions after the analysis of the given patient’s genetic code.Eric Lefkofsky partnered with Brad Keywell in initiating Tempus. Eric and Brad have a lot in common. There are so many businesses they run together. They always spend quality time identifying solutions for problems they might be experiencing. Their corporate duty in determining viable remedies for problems affecting them has taken them a long way in impacting societies.

Eric’s Philanthropic Activities

Lefkofsky Family Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation which was established by Eric Lefkofsky and his wife in 2006. The foundation was created so as to aid in the advancement of high-impact projects which usually enhance the lives of the people in the communities that they serve. It is through this foundation that Lefkofsky and his wife have been able to give regular donations to cancer research centers and causes. At Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Lefkofsky is also a trustee.

White Shark Media’s Expertise At AdWords Management


For a fixed monthly fee, White Shark Media provides local, e-commerce and small business nationwide with Google AdWords and Bing Ads management. SEO services are available as well. The PPC management company’s services generate increased leads for their clients and they compose ad copy that delivers qualified traffic.


As an AdWords SMB Premier partner, customers can rest assured that Google has indicated that White Shark Media has proven AdWords expertise. With 88 Certified AdWords Specialists and 77 Bing Ads accredited employees, customers will know that a person with proficiency will manage their account. Additionally, the PPC management firm has 69 Google Shopping Certified employees serving e-commerce customers.


White Shark Media offers digital marketing services for law firms, including PPC management with geo-targeted keywords. A free digital marketing evaluation will help attorneys decide if White Shark Media can help obtain additional leads. Specialized PPC campaigns for dental offices with proven conversion practices help dentists gain additional patients.


White Shark Media provides a free local listings scanner on their website for small business owners to determine which local directories include their business listing. Digital Media Advisors offer free SEM evaluations in addition to White Shark Media’s signature free, no obligation PPC evaluation. The evaluation is live, therefore, business owners can ask questions during the evaluation.


Testimonials on White Shark Media’s website attest to the company’s professionalism and skill at PPC management. Working with clients in all industries, the PPC management firm has clients nationwide.


With offices in Miami, Florida and Managua, Nicaragua, White Shark Media’s bilingual personnel excel at running Spanish AdWords campaigns.

Beneful Has Abundance Dog Food Choices

Beneful has become a very successful brand of dog food. This dog food is sold in abundance at Walmart, and people that buy this food from Walmart have an abundant number of choices available. There is the Beneful Playful Life that sells for about $13.98. This dog food is for people that are interested in having playful pets. Beneful has become a very successful brand of dog food. This dog food is in abundance at Walmart, and people that by this food from Walmart have many dry and wet food choices available.

There’s also the Beneful Healthy Weight dog food that is available for pets that may be overweight. This is a problem that affects a lot of pets. A lot of pet owners go to veterinarians and they discover that their pets are obese. It is almost certain that pets that are classified as such will need access to something like the Beneful Healthy Weight that is sold in Walmart stores. This gives pet owners a chance to minimize the amount of weight that their pets are gaining when they are eating unhealthy. Walmart also has a slew of the Beneful wet meals for pets that like their food to be wet instead of the dry food from the bag.

With the wet selections there are meals like the Lamb Stew and the Roasted Chicken. These food choices fall in the category of prepared meals. This is something that a lot of pet owners buy as a special treat.

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Clay Siegall: A Scion of Commitment Towards

One of the outstanding characters that Clay Siegall has shown with remarkable consistence over the years is his commitment and strong conviction towards finding a better alternative treatment for cancer. While drawing inspiration from early personal experience with cancer, Dr. Clay Siegall has used his experience as a company executive, entrepreneur, research scientist and scholar to lead the research and development for innovative and technology-based alternative cancer therapies that are more effective and cause less pain to the patients compared to conventional treatment options.


Such strong commitment and dedication towards his duties as the cofounder and chief executive officer at Seattle Genetics has seen him guide the company towards operational and financial success despite significant challenges. Despite taking significantly long to generate profits, Dr. Siegall had strong faith in the company’s legal and sales teams, which have played critical roles in the company’s ability to finally realize financial success ten years after its initial public offer (IPO). He has also guided the company towards strategic partnerships with several key industry players including Bayer and Pfizer. These partnerships have been crucial in the success of the company’s research efforts towards developing an effective conjugate therapy for treatment of cancer. Clay Siegall believes that strong focus and intense passion for the task at hand is the primary key to success.


Commitment to Cancer Community


Clay Siegall is a remarkable company executive who has dedicated his professional career, education and company resources towards alleviating the pain cancer patients and their families go through. His interest in cancer and related fields began at the University of Maryland where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology. He later specialized in genetics for his Doctor of Philosophy degree studies at George Washington University. His scholarly endeavors in the subject has also seen author several papers on the topic while also working for several organizations specializing in cancer research. This is in addition to the 15 patents to his name and over one billion dollars raised towards effective and innovative cancer therapies and drugs development and research. Currently, the company is on the verge on adding over a dozen new targeted treatment drugs to Adcentris, which has already been approved by the FDA.