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How The Lung Institute Gives More Hope To Pulmonary Patients

For most people, a normal day begins with waking up and enjoying a deep cleansing inhale and exhale, but according to The Lung Institute, almost 14 million people worldwide suffer from COPD, which obstructs normal breathing.

What is COPD?

COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The disease is characterized by a narrowing of the airways, which experts call obstruction. The symptoms range from severe cough, to increased mucus formation in the lungs. As pulmonary tissue dies, the lung loses more and more of its functional capacity. The treatment of COPD has so far been limited to alleviating symptoms and preventing the disease from progressing, but The Lung Institute offers stem cell therapy to regenerate tissues. See,

Using Stem Cells to Heal Destroyed Lungs

According to the Baylor College of Medicine, worldwide, just about 50,000 stem cell transplants are performed every year. There are two major forms of stem cell transplantation: autologous stem cell transplantation and allogeneic stem cell transplantation.

In autologous stem cell transplantation, the patient is his own donor. Allogeneic stem cell transplantation uses two individuals (donor and recipient).

A stem cell transplant occurs during a stationary hospital stay at The Lung Institute. First, the stem cells are taken either from a suitable donor (allogeneic transplant) or from the recipient itself (autologous transplant). The stem cells are then stored, and deep frozen until transplantation.

The Lung Institute also utilizes two sources to obtain stem cells:

  • Bone marrow: The stem cells can be taken directly from the bone marrow. The pelvic bone is surgically punctured and the bone marrow is extracted.
  • Blood: Stem cells can also be obtained from the blood that is not in the bone marrow. Since the proportion of stem cells is lower than in the bone marrow, the stem cells are mobilized by their growth factors. The stem cells are then filtered out from the remaining blood cells.

As a leading stem cell transplantation clinic, The Lung Institute uses the latest therapeutic approaches to heal. For more than a decade, the specialists have been pursuing therapies for the treatment of pulmonary disorders. The Lung Institute have an extensive network of specialized doctors, providing care in five locations in Florida, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

Since its inception in 2013, The Lung Institute offers the most technically advanced care for pulmonary diseases. All staff is dedicated to helping improve the lives of the patients, and making a lasting difference.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Success Isn’t Only with Groupon

As one of the founders of Groupon, Eric knows quite a few things about helping people. The original idea behind Groupon was to help people get deals on items and services that they might not be able to get elsewhere. It was something that he saw as a great feat and something that he worked hard to accomplish. The hard work that he did, though, paid off and he saw a lot of success with Groupon. He considered the fact that he was now a billionaire and he chose to simply live from the profits that he made as a result of Groupon for the rest of his life. Eric at Facebook .

Something changed, though, to bring him out of the semi-retirement that he was enjoying from the success of Groupon. When his wife was diagnosed with cancer and there were no guarantees that the doctors could give her, he chose to do more with his life and make a difference with people who had cancer. He took a huge switch from understanding how to get things for cheap to being able to help people who had cancer. That is where the idea behind Tempus was born and he knew that he was going to be able to make things better for people who have cancer.

Lefkofsky teamed up with a professional geneticist and they worked hard together to be able to come up with a solution to genetic problems. While they are not necessarily aiming their sights at curing cancer, they are doing what they can to make things better for the people who have it. Tempus is a brand that they have developed and that is working hard to make cancer less of a burden to the people who have it and to the families who are supporting them.

With the help of his lead geneticist who comes with the biological expertise, Eric Lefkofsky is able to use his business expertise to make this business nearly as successful as Groupon. With this, he is going to make the business both bigger and better for people who have cancer and need his help. for more .

Teacher-parent Meetings are Becoming Obsolete

ClassDojo has introduced an app that will connect teachers, students, and their parents. It will enhance communication between them which will impact the students’ performance. The teachers and the parents will be in a position to monitor the student’s activity and social behavior.

The app is a great improvement as it will allow the educator and parents to communicate all throughout the year. The motivation behind developing the app is to help the parents to support their kids at home too.

The teachers have been equipped with a tool that will allow them to send messages and videos of the student’s activities in the classroom. They can also use the app to make a simple schedule to the parents.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011and it has received a great reception from the people. Today, the Company has over 85,000 schools in both private and charter systems that actively use the system.

Even though the app is similar to the Facebook and Snapchat platforms, it is purely designed for education purposes. The app has features that will create a positive culture in the classrooms.

How does the Company generate revenue? They provide quality and superior products and services that the parents are ready to pay for. The Founders indicated they don’t expect to monetize or generate any profits until later on. Their goal is to improve the education sector by providing a communication tool.

It is that simple premise that has enabled them to stay ahead of their competitors.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo app is designed with transactional features that will enable the parents to make easy payments to the school. They will be able to pay for services like field trips and supplies that the students need.

ClassDojo is a startup company with about 25 employees.  More related articles on They are yet to generate revenue from their services, but their mission has put them on the international mark. They founders are pioneers who seek to connect the teachers, students, and parents to enhance the performance.

Instead of creating the one-size-fits-all app, the founders involve the parents, teachers, and students in the planning so that they can provide what they need. ClassDojo has created a community.  Related articles here.

In the recent years, ClassDojo has won different awards. They have been honored by Forbes, NBC Today Show, Fast Company, and LinkedIn among others.  Refer to for further reference.

The founders have provided different resources that are specific to the three groups.

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Cassio Audi: A Promising Figure

Cassio Audi is a well-known name in Brazilian investment management industry with result-driven investments. His investment strategies have shaped the investment management sector in Brazil to a fast-paced, long-term, and comprehensive strategies. Traditionally Brazilians investment firms are looking for asset management and not much ready to expand beyond it. However, in the recent years, the trend is changing towards pure investment management solutions with accurate and long-term strategies to create wealth. A number of investment managers including Cassio Audi became the front runner on investments in equities, bonds, shares, etc.


Since Brazil is considered as one of the emerging economies in the world along with an abundance of natural resources, there is a tremendous potential for investment management in the country. It is considered to be one of the largest asset management and investment management industry in the world with an excellent growth reported in the last decade. But the recent years saw a slump of the Brazilian economy, and a rebound and steady growth are highly expected in the coming years by industry experts. This adds a greater opportunity for investment management industry to tap the momentum of the market in future.


Cassio Audi has a clear understanding of the marketing conditions considering his more than 23 years of experience in the industry. He has a proven record of driving profitability, efficiency, and streaming growth in the investment management sector. Cassio Audi started his career with JPMorgan Chase & Co. as a Trader, and after four years, he moved to Dow Chemical as Sr. Financial Analyst.


Cassio Audi also worked with Gillette, Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc., Rossi Residencial, Rossi Commercial Properties, and GVMI and took various responsibilities. He has deep expertise in Fundraising, IPO, Growth Strategy Development, Accounting & Financial Management, Resource Management, Business Planning, M&A & Investor Relations, etc. Cassio Audi completed his graduation in Business Administration from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. He did his MBA from the Universidade de São Paulo.

Underestimating The Value Of Active Management Might Cost You A Comfortable Retirement

Warren Buffett utilizes a “bottom-up” investment strategy, pouring most of his analysis into reviewing companies based on specific criteria, and creating a portfolio that will endure for the long-term. His promotion of index-based, passively managed funds has become ubiquitous investment advice that is often taken at face value. It is true that actively traded funds often fail to beat indexed funds over time, usually due to being over-traded and requiring out-sized fees. What has not been discussed enough however, is the volatility that index funds can introduce to an investor’s portfolio. There are no protections in the event of a down market. The American economy has shown a historically long bull market, but markets can change – and fast!

Read more: Capital Group Parent Names Amour Chairman, Replacing Rothenberg

Beating the market over the long term is not random as some index gurus might tell you. Capital Group has managed to beat the market by 1.47% over its 86-year history. To ensure your portfolio is durable and will provide enough to ensure a comfortable retirement, look to two filters to make safe investments: low expenses and high manager ownership. A fund that the manager has the faith to invest his own money in is one that they will not want to see fail.

Timothy Armour is Chairman and Equity Portfolio Manager of Capital Group Companies. He came to the company in 1983 after completing his education at Middlebury College, receiving a bachelor’s degree in economics. After starting in the Associates Program at Capital, he is now a 34-year veteran in fund management and equity investment.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launching Clinical Pathways

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is creating new change and providing their physicians with the latest new technology that is going to create massive change in the world. This amazing new addition is going to make huge changes to the way they work. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is very well respected because of their new Clinical Pathways that’s going to revolutionize how so many in this business work. In the world of treatments and all the different options available, it can be tough to know what you need and what a patient should get.

As stated on Wikipedia, Clinical Pathways is the right way to help improve what they have been working on over the years. For example, Clinical Pathways works hard every single day to provide physicians with the right answers for patients. In a world where it’s scary and extremely difficult for a patient to find a treatment that best suits their state of health, Clinical Pathways can solve this issue. According to this article, when a cancer patient is at odds and has to weigh out the pros and cons on whether something is worthwhile for their health or not, this unique little tool is gonna help patients and the physicians out in regards to knowing what to go for specifically.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America wanted to create this technology to provide simplicity and safety. Users can actually use this tool to figure out which appropriate treatment options are available alongside how much they cost, the different affects to think about, and the important data you must know in regards to a person’s needs and state of health. There is more to the story than just choosing between two different types of treatment options. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is here to give hope and spread only the best technology to those who are currently dealing with a stressful cancer at the moment.