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Wengie Travel Beauty Skincare Routine

Wengie is a beauty blogger and a favorite on YouTube. Her beauty, skincare, hair, makeup, tutorials are very popular and viewed by millions around the world. In fact, Wengie has well over a million regular followers on YouTube. Wengie is based in Australia. However, many of her wonderfully produced video’s are Asian inspired. This is due to her background. One of her goals is to provide more information to the world about the availability of Asian products. In this video Wengie shares some of her favorite travel beauty skincare tips.

The Wengie Travel Treatment
However, this is not a time to ignore skincare. In this video Wengie travels to Viet Nam. Wengie shares that good skincare while traveling is especially important. Wengie begins the video with a right on point tip. She advises women travelers to travel with a smaller bag that contains all their makeup and skincare products. This makes the travel process and skincare routine much easier. Wengie also shares her favorite makeup, beauty, and skincare products with the viewers. It’s a long list. It might be a good idea to grab a pencil and a piece of paper to write down her recommendations. I must admit my favorite product was the tiger mask. You simply must check it out. She shares a lot of wonderful skincare tips and beauty hacks.


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Innova HealthCare – Leading the Path to Improved Medicare

What is Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is a complimentary health plan offered by private companies that aim to offer high-quality healthcare in all-in-one health package. Also called, Medicare private health program, Medicare Advantage seeks to cover patients in-hospital charges, out patient services, surgeries and drugs, if required. As such, each individual can consult medical professionals to design the Medicare Advantage based on their particular needs.

The Original Medicare

Historically, the U.S. healthcare program offered two major types of health programs, Plan A and Plan B. Whereas, Plan A covered in-patient services excluding major surgeries; Plan B covers the cost of surgeries and operations including out-patient services such as X-rays, ER and laboratory. Based on individual needs, sometimes Medicare Advantage also integrates benefits of Part D, prescription drug plan. Still, it is necessary to understand that enrolling in Medicare Advantage does not mean that the beneficiary will not pay the monthly installments for either Plan A or Plan B. In fact, Medicare Advantage is not designed to replace Plan A and B. Instead, it compliments Plan A and Plan B by offering additional medical coverage that is either not available through the original Medicare program or the additional cost of such service is very high.

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Individuals looking to acquire Medicare Advantage can contact a local healthcare provider. As such, InnovaCare Health is one of the most well-known provider of managed healthcare in North America. It offers high-quality, affordable and sustainable healthcare through its provider network and Medicare Advantage. Among its services is a highly coveted seniors comprehensive program that not only contributes to the health benefits, but also takes care of the emotional and mental well-being of the senior patients. By accessing Members Club, Seniors are able to access highly-qualified medical professionals free of cost in InnovaCare Health. Due to the highly acclaimed service, satisfaction levels reached almost 99 percent in 2015, which is a testament to the effectiveness of the health program.

You can find the contact and company information at Connect.

People behind the Success of InnovaCare

The recent success of Medicare Advantage Inc. can be attributed to the strong decision-making powers of the existing CEO, Dr. Rick Shinto. Prior to joining Medicare Advantage Inc. in 2012, Dr. Shinto acted as the head of Aveta Inc. He has also worked in numerous high-profile medical projects, which makes him an automatic choice to lead the organization. Another distinguished name in the organization is that of Penelope Kokkinides, who used her strategic vision and extensive knowledge of the clinical programs to increase patient satisfaction.

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Shaygan Kheradpir As The New CEO


Shaygan Kheradpir was recently rewarded for his many years of hard work and perseverance by being named Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Coriant, a company that is known as a reliable supplier of networking solutions crucial to a vast number of network operators in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Kheradpir came to these new positions with 28 plus years of experience as a high-ranking executive in financial services, technology and telecom industries.

Born in London, England, Kheradpir grew up in Iran and attended high school in Switzerland before moving to the United States. Prizing education highly, Kheradpir’s academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, a master’s degree in electric engineering, and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering – all from Cornell University.

Beginning his diverse career at GTE Corporation in 1987, Kheradpir subsequently held ever-evolving and increasingly responsible positions at the following organizations: Verizon as EVP and Information Officer, Barclay’s Bank as Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Juniper Networks as CEO, and Marlin Equity Partners as Operating Partner.

One of the acclaimed accomplishments Kheradpir can point to is the Pingit mobile payments software that he helped to develop while serving at Barclay’s Bank. Another high note was reached at Juniper Networks, where he contributed to the development of the company’s diversifications resulting in the initiation of new automation and telecommunication offerings.

In addition, Kheradpir holds a number of patents in the telecom and media industries. Because of his knowledge, reputation and expertise, Kheradpir is often called upon to do presentations and speak at conventions, conferences and other company events in both the United States and other places.

Besides his official positions at all of the companies he has served, Kheradpir has sat on many boards including the advisory boards of Cornell University Engineering Council as well as the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology.

He heads up a staff that services more than 500 customers totaling more than one billion dollars annually. While his challenges have been many, his past has proven his consistent ability to successfully handle any new task placed before him.



The Importance of Search Cleanup

As the cultural landscape adapts to accommodate the growing influence of the internet on our daily lives, it becomes clearer each day that your online reputation is often the same reputation that you’ll carry into your daily life. It’s easier than ever for any individual or employer to pull your online profile from the internet, and more often than not the information they receive from that data pull will form that invaluable first impression before you have a chance to.

Your online reputation is even more crucial if you happen to operate a business with any kind of online presence. Negative information about yourself or your business that’s left unchecked can have dire consequences on your professional future.

So what do you do? Should you hunt down every piece of information about you online and seek to alter it? Do you lodge complaints against everyone that has ever spoken out against you? What do you do about your online reputation once you become conscious of its importance?

Well, the very first thing that you should do is not panic. It may be tempting to try to resolve any potentially negative information out there yourself, but often times engaging in this practice will only exasperate the problem. Instead, one of the best things you can do is engage the services of an online reputation management website such as to do the legwork for you.

Their thorough research abilities and skillful removal process helps the service accomplish the kind of reputation cleansing that you may be tempted to perform by engaging your detractors head on.

The use of such a reputation management service along with a prudent awareness of your online actions and their potential consequences can go a long way to ensuring that you can actually benefit from your online reputation as opposed to living in fear of the consequences it can have on your future. Check out their Facebook page for more information as well.

Reputation management services– Does your business need them?


The days maybe long gone when business owners have to make excuses and try to pacify their customers because things didn’t go smoothly on a business transaction. Customers now have most online businesses under a microscope, just waiting for you to make that one mistake, so they can begin taking you apart piece by piece. Now, businesses can breath a sigh of relief knowing that there are online reputation repair services that that save their reputation.

These companies will help you keep the character of your online business intact. They do more than just remove the negative remarks. They focus on changing the way the customer identify your company making your business look great in everyone’s eye. This may even change your bottom line.

ORM knows that there are some companies which are hesitant to fix bad reviews. So they try fixing the problem themselves only to create a bigger problem. Reputation management consultants know that is not the best decision, because after the customers post all of their derogatory remarks, it would be harder to get back on track and much difficult to control. They remind everyone that customers do look at reviews and most make up their minds from them.

Then there is Word Of Mouth Marketing which plays a huge part in people making up their minds. Here, people can voice their opinion about a company, whether giving it rave reviews or unfavorable ratings. This can either get more traffic to your online business or destroy you completely. ORM reminds companies that they must fix bad online reputation so they can hold on to their reputation, so they can proactively get positive feed backs.

Also, ORM can help individuals fix bad search results. According to ORM, when one is looking for a job, the potential employer will 77% of the time conduct a Google Search. Here they will show you how to make sure that your possessive attributes are at the top and the negatives ones are way below. So, if one has a business or just want internet reputation repair, it maybe something to look into.

One company to check out is The Search Fixers. They have years of experience helping businesses repair their online reputation. Contact them here.