5 Reasons to Hire a Content Agency Today

As the world of marketing shifts to an inbound, customer-centric approach, content creation has become a key strategy for driving customer engagement and boosting sales. Cold calls are out; blog posts and email marketing is in, putting your brand in front of your customer when they are looking for solutions that you can provide.

High-quality content, however, can’t always be produced overnight. Almost half of all buyers engage with up to 5 pieces of content before they speak to a sales rep, and this content needs to be kept fresh and exciting to keep your customers’ attention. Brands that post 16+ blog posts a month will see 4.5x more leads than brands that only post up to four blog posts a month. It’s not always easy to produce the appropriate content in an efficient manner.

Have you been struggling to keep up with content production? Maybe you’ve been hesitant to dive into the world of content marketing – after all, researching and producing eBooks and speeches can’t just be tacked onto the end of your to-do list. But neglecting content may halt growth and hand your business over to other marketers or competitors. 70% of marketers are creating more content now than they were in 2016.

Once you’re ready to hand over content creation to an outside agency, it’s time to call a content agency, such as Em Writes.

Em Writes is a content agency that helps brands communicate their value with high-quality content. When you hire an outside content agency, you don’t have to fill up your schedule with content production. The team at Em Writes take care of content creation as it applies to your clients. You focus on what you do best, and hand content creation to the experts. With high-quality content tailored to moving customers along the buyer’s journey, you’ll understand the hype behind content marketing and see an increase in sales and ROI.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Content Agency

When you reach out to Em Writes, you are making the steps toward the following benefits:


A content agency’s core skill is content creation; specific agencies know how to produce high-quality content for your business in an efficient manner. Save time while the experts research, write and edit content that speaks to your audience and brings them along the customer journey.

Customer Journey Mapping

Each stage of the customer journey/sales funnel calls for different types of content [link to sales funnel article]. A content agency can take the time to create buyer personas and map out their relationship with your brand, starting as a stranger and ending as an active promoter.

Smooth, Established Workflow

Em Writes has a dedicated team working to provide you with the most effective content. Working with them is smooth sailing, from the initial consultation to receiving content and putting it in front of your clients’ customer base. Sit back, relax, and put your content worries aside.

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High-Quality Research in Many Forms

A professional content agency like Em Writes can do more than churn out basic blog posts. Em Writes has served over 100 clients including cybersecurity firms, health and wellness brands and monks. No matter what niche you serve or what type of content you are after, Em Writes will deliver.

Examples of content include:

  • eBooks
  • White Papers
  • Drip Campaign Copy
  • Social Updates
  • Web Copy
  • Ad Copy
  • Video Scripts
  • Books
  • Thought Leadership Articles
  • Speeches

Fresh Perspective

Writing content alongside your marketing strategy can feel tedious. An outside content agency provides a fresh pair of eyes and outsider feedback. With more hands on deck, you can give your clients more exciting ideas in this new world of customer-centric marketing.

Ready to deliver high-quality content to your clients? Reach out to Em Writes and schedule your free consultation.

Highland Capital Management Launches a Private Equity Fund in Asia

Highland Capital Management Korea is an affiliate of Highland Capital Management, a Dallas-based wealth management firm. It has recently committed $147 million for its closed healthcare-focused private equity fund. The anchor investor of the fund is the National Pension Service in South Korea. The investment management firm was incepted in 1988. It currently stands at a value of KRW 565 trillion.

Besides investment returns, Highland Capital Management has specific interests in healthcare sector. It intends to increase access to opportunities for co-investment and help its clients achieve their goals in the US, China, and Korea. In Asia, Highland will co-manage its fund with Stonebridge Capital, an accomplished venture capital firm in Korea. It will be Highland’s first healthcare-oriented fund in the Asian market. Over the past few years, Asian investors seems to be interested in the healthcare-oriented equity fund. In fact, Asian investors now invest on a monthly basis. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

The strategy of this healthcare-oriented fund aligns well with Highland’s core capabilities. In fact, the fund draws Highland’s deep expertise in the healthcare industry. According to Carl Moore, Highland’s private equity group managing director, healthcare is Highland Capital Management’s most extensive exposure in the healthcare sector. Nearly half of Highland’s practice in capital markets relates to healthcare. The fund targets middle-market healthcare investors in Asia and the US. As of May 2017, Highland was responsible for more than $1.5 billion in healthcare-related assets. These assets included fund structures and various asset classes. According to Matt Jameson, Highland Capital Management’s head of private equity, the middle-market companies are acutely affected by numerous disruptive forces that hit the US healthcare industry. Read more at bloomberg.com.

Over time, increased access to quality healthcare will drive greater utilization levels in the Asian market. That will result in increased demand on the Asian healthcare sector. If these factors combine with the evolution of value-based reimbursement models, opportunities for investors in the healthcare sector will increase significantly. Highland Capital manages approximately $1.5 billion worth of healthcare assets. The firm specializes in collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, and individualized private equity. It also offers alternative investments in form of natural resources and emerging markets.

Visit: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/031216/highland-capital-management-investment-manager-highlight.asp

Organo Gold Helps You Feel Healthier With Every Sip

Coffee drinkers now have another reason to pick up that cup of joe throughout their day. Most people turn towards coffee when they need a little pick-me-up or boost of energy. It looks like coffee now has even more benefits. For the longest time, coffee and longevity have gone hand and hand. Now new research shows that coffee is powerful in fighting against a whole slew of diseases.

According to USA Today, research shows that coffee can fight diseases including stroke, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, and more. Two new studies looked at Americans of all different nationalities and their coffee consumption. Those who drank two or three cups of coffee daily had a %18 decrease in their chance of death. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Of course, to truly reap the benefits of coffee, you’ll have to drink a high-quality cup. Coffee like Organo Gold has been proven to be an integral part to coffee drinkers days. This brand specializes in coffee, lates, teas, and more. It all depends on where you choose to get your energy from.

Organo Gold Coffee has a smooth and robust flavor. It provides just the right amount of caffeine to help a person get through their day without feeling jittery. Organo Gold also has Ganoderma, a mushroom which has powerful health benefits that directly support a longer life. Ganoderma can help fight cancer, reduce stress, and regulate your immune system. Combining coffee with the powerful mushroom packs a powerful punch when it comes to overall health. The combination also tastes great.

Read: http://www.didyouknow.it/coffee/organo-tells-history-coffee-international-coffee-day-approaches/

Overall, Organo Gold is great for endurance as well. It’s also incredibly versatile. You can brew your own or take packets on the go, meaning you’ll never have to be without. Organo Gold is appealing because of its flavor, convenience, and the health benefits. It’s something that everyone can enjoy while feeling a peace of mind about getting healthier with every sip. Follow Organo Gold on facebook.com.

Adam Milstein is all about real estate and philanthropy

Adam Milstein sat down with Ideamensch to discuss his life, what makes him tick, and how he spends his time. Here is a little about this inspiring philanthropist and real estate investor.

Mr. Milstein is a native of Israel and was born Haifa in 1952. He served during the Yom Kippur War in the Israel Defense Forces. After serving in the army he graduated with a degree from Technion in 1978. Three years later he moved to America with his wife Gila. He then continued his education at the University of Southern California where he received his Master of Business Administration. After getting some disappointing offers that paid less than what a undergraduate would make, he decided to go his own way. He started by working as a commercial real estate broker. Several years later, Adam became a real estate investor himself. That was the beginning to a very successful career. The busy guy cannot go a day without working on some kind of philanthropy because it gives him the most satisfaction in life. On top of that, he has never had a bad job and does not having regrets about his life. He has always tried his best and loves giving back to humanity.

To become successful you have to be work hard and not give up. Adam believes that being consistent, persistent, and following up with every contact is what made him successful. He pushes his dreams and ideas until the become reality.

If you are in the philanthropist world, then you may of heard of Mr. Milstein. He is always giving back to his community, especially the Jewish community in which he is a part of himself. One of the foundations he founded with his wife is called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He is also the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council.

As far as work goes, Adam is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. This thriving company is estimated at over $2 billion dollars. They own and manage over 100 properties all over the United States. This includes retail, office, commercial, multifamily, and industrial spaces.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adammilstein

Seattle Genetics under Clay Siegall Invents New Cancer Therapy

Seattle Genetics is a firm that was found in the year 1998 by Dr. Clay Siegall together with another co-founder. He was elected the company’s CEO and has been serving also as the chairman of the board and the president of the firm as well. The firm has developed a strong reputation for cancer drugs such as the ADCETRI, one of the drugs has received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration since 2011.

Dr. Siegall is an active contributor to the success of the company’s financial growth. He has been guiding the company in acquiring funds from private and governmental companies and has managed to secure an amount more than $675 million. His career initially started at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and earlier working with the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health. He forms part of the board of the Alder Biopharmaceutical company. His achievements in career include fifteen patents and have also published over seventy publications. He is also holding a Ph.D. IN Genetics and a Bachelors Degree in Zoology.

From the first instance of the Bothell’s Cascade Business Park won’t give the picture of edgy science. However, within the lobby, you find the triangular sculpture that is designed in the form of the human antibody. This is simply the symbol of the content making up the fiber of the company’s task since the year of its founding. The firm has majored into the study of the human antibody, manipulating them and incorporating them into the drug design for treatment. The cancer therapy designed with an antibody that attacks the cancer cell from the interiors, delivering a toxic payload to destroy the cell.

This therapy strategy has projected the Seattle Genetics into the position of the mighty. Seattle Genetics controls a market value of $10 billion and has a total number of 900 employees. It is in the rank as the top in the biotech field in the city of Washington. The company’s ambition is to rise from just a biotech company into a big pharma and to reach its target, it has invested in diverse research and marketing and plans to increase its workforce by bringing in 200 more employees. The company’s new drug discovery, the ADCETRIS, is a therapy that cures the cancer of the lymph known as Hodgkin lymphoma that poses a risk of also spread to other parts of the body. Research on the same drug continues and will be released to the market once approved positive.

Neurocore Tells It All About Depression

Depression is serious business. It is the leading cause of disability in the United States between people who are between fifteen and forty four years old. It is the number three issue that causes problems in the workplace. Around sixteen million Americans suffer from depression. Yet, there is a limited availability of funds for research. It causes more deaths than breast cancer, but there is only around one hundredth of the funds available for breast cancer research available for research about depression.

Depression can develop on its own, even without difficult experiences in someone’s life. At the same time, if someone is going through a difficult time, they are more likely to suffer from depression. There are also several types of depressive disorders. Some last for just a few weeks, while others can last for years. Some come after pregnancy, while others are deep and painful and are experienced by people who somehow manage to go about their daily lives and show no sign of depression on the outside. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Signs of depression may not always be obvious. They include feelings of no self esteem, persistent sadness, persistent feelings of emptiness, lack of interest in doing anything, lack of interest in things that used to interest them, lack of interest in eating, trouble sleeping, waking up at night, fatigue, always being tired and exhausted, not being able to get out of bed, and so much more. There are also physical problems that are caused by depression. Headaches, stomach aches, back pain, and more are all caused by depression.

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Depression, if not treated and if it becomes serious, can lead to suicide, which is the number one cause of death among young Americans. However, even the most severe forms of depression can be treated, so you need to make sure that if you know someone who is depressed, that they go for treatment.

Neurocore can treat depression with neurofeedback. This analyzes the brain. After figuring out what is wrong, a customized plan can be set into place.

Neurocore uses various methods to analyze the brain. They are all tried and tested and work well. Follow Neurocore on twitter.com.

George Soros: His Lifetime of Generous Donations

The major philanthropist and entrepreneur George Soros has just given over 80 percent of his total wealth to charity. This monumental move is one for the ages. He has been heralded as a national hero and many organizations are thankful for his amazing contribution. George Soros is a well known billionaire who built his wealth over the course of his lifetime by chasing the American Dream. Now, he has made it possible for others to chase that very same dream.

George Soros donated $18 billion to Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations is an international foundation composed of multiple charities. The charities comprising the foundation are spread across multiple sectors throughout the world. George Soros felt this was an excellent expenditure of his life’s work. More than 100 countries have benefitted thanks to the generous donation. The majority of the work done in the foundation consists of charity work in fields like public health, refugee relief, and education.

Donating $18 billion is no small feat. The large sum of money represents the vast majority of George Soros’ net worth. It is exactly 80 percent to be sure. He has been called the 29th wealthiest person in the world by Forbes.

Because of the amazing donation to Open Society Foundation made by George Soros, the foundation is now one of the foremost charities in the United States. The only charity with more assets on their books than Open Society is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Both charities have done excellent work in creating opportunities for families in America. They are responsible for sponsoring the improved educational facilities in public schools and providing greater protection for refugees. They have funneled money into hospitals for health care and have been the main cause of improved facilities. The hospitals that benefit from their gracious donations have been able to care for more patients and hire more staff, new wings have been built, and research into debilitating diseases has been done. Know more on cnbc.com about George Soros.

George Soros has contributed a lot to foreign countries. His very first charitable donation was made to South Africans. He contributed resources to improve education during apartheid. He gave scholarships to the students in need and because of his donations; the black South Africans were able to attend school and college when they may not have otherwise had the chance. He also donated food and health care items for the South Africans. Because of this first donation, his career as a philanthropist skyrocketed.

George Soros has also donated photocopiers to people living in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. These photocopiers were instrumental in helping spread freedom of speech in an oppressive regime. Because of his contributions, Eastern Europe was able to overcome the shackles of communism.

George Soros has had the pleasure of helping many people during his lifetime. His contributions will always be remembered as beneficial to the betterment of all humankind. It goes to show that the American Dream is alive and well within the heart of George Soros and he has helped spread it to future generations. Read this article on Politico about George.

A New Way To Worship, The Mighty Fortress Church

Minnesota is full of beautiful and amazing churches. These churches not only are they beautiful, but they are also rich in American and religious history. The houses of worship comprise of both new and old buildings. Some of them are simple yet breathtaking while others are architectural masterpieces.

The St. Paul Church of Assumption is the oldest in existence. It was built in 1870. The building was designed like a church in Munich, Germany. The architecture used at that time in Germany revolved around the Romanesque Revival design. Very little has changed with the interior since the 1800’s. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

The New Trier Church of Saint Mary’s situated on a hilltop north of the Cannon Falls. The church was constructed in 1909. It is listed as one of the county’s historic buildings in the National Register of Historic Places. The small church borrows its design from the French Beaux-Arts architectural designs.

The Minneapolis Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church is based on an iconic church located in Cambridge, England. It was built in 1916. Its designs feature rural English gothic architecture. The church was once the second tallest building in Minneapolis.

For the Christians who are seeking to deepen their knowledge and relationship with Christ, the Mighty Fortress offers a difference. The church focuses on changing the lives of its followers through practical Bible teaching sessions and fellowship. The church promises an authentic style of worship with teachings that are relevant to this modern era.

Visit: http://mightyfortress.net/newsletter

The Mighty Fortress encourages its visitors to be themselves while they attend the services. This is after noticing how many people fail to attend services due to the atmospheres created by the churches. Repeating of meaningless weekly rituals often pushes people from attending church services. Mighty Fortress believes that everyone is meant to contribute to the body of Christ, that is why they ensure their services are enjoyable.

Bishop T.R Williams is the senior pastor and overseer of Mighty Fortress Church. He has been in active ministry for more than 30 years in various capacities. Bishop Williams emphasizes on the treasures of wisdom and knowledge that are found in the Word of God during his ministry. He believes that it is through these treasures that questions about the current problems that people face on earth, can be answered. View the interactive map at minneapolisnorthwest.com.

Greg Secker’s Achievements

Greg Secker is a well-known philanthropic, forex trainer, entrepreneur, and a tremendous international speaker. He owns the Smart Charts Software, learns to Trade which is the leading forex training company in the world. He also appears to be the owner of Capital Index which is also great brokerage firm that has been able to change the lives of so many people. As a philanthropist, he happens to be the founder of the most famous non-profit making organization in the business that has been able to impact many lives. Greg Secker Foundation happens to be the company’s name, and he has regularly funded the company towards ensuring that their objectives and goals are achieved.

Greg Secker was born in the year 1975 from a very humble background and began working with Thomas Cook Financial Services. At the company, he happens to have been selling computers at school, and therefore he used to study how to code despite the food science course he was taking. He perfected coding until he abandoned his food science course and consequently the reason he got a job at Thomas Cook to create and design a trading software for foreign currency. That was the first platform that led to him receiving an award. He later moved to Virtual Trading Desk which was a great trading software. He started experiencing real trading by ensuring that he follows the best trading gurus who later became his great life mentors. He later got another job as a vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. It was a prominent investment bank that was based in the United States, and that happened to be the beginning of this trading journey. He started executing some trading strategies, and within few years, his trading account had grown tremendously until he decided to quit formal employment.

When Greg Secker decided to quit, he went forth to his living room whereby he started trading immediately. After successfully making a lot of income, he decided to open his own forex training companies, and one of them was called learn to Trade. The company has been able to train more than 200,000 people for one decade through seminars and workshops. He has today become a very successful forex trader across the globe.

A Look At Sentient AI Conversions

What You Need Is Sentient AI Conversions

No one has an online business without first having conversions. You need to access consumers where they are. That environment happens to be digital. Your active online customers are using technology that no one expected would enlarge so substantially.

Whether your business is online or off, the modern-day consumer is holding to digital. This technology is used in the mornings when they wake, and it’s used in the bus on their way to work. So before we list the ways digital is leveraged, let us ask you: where is digital not being used?

What Are Conversions

Sentient AI conversions are objectives online that get accomplished.

What gets accomplish are marketing and sales goals. Conversions take into account the effectiveness of sales material or the effort a business has when getting consumers to buy. The more an objective is achieved, the higher the conversions are.

Calculating conversions require that Sentient AI has a system in place.

Conversions are analyzed by first having a known population. The population can be consumers who follow your newsletter; they can be a social group or a group of website visitors who continually visit.

Every population is then divided by the number of actions it takes.

This simple equation often gives you the conversion on any object you’re supervising. You will hear about conversions in many ways. The rate at which people visit and leave or the rate that one population enters a link is types of conversions.

The conversions you need are those that will accomplish your sales figures.

Once you’ve established the type of task you need accomplished, we can customize your website for peak performance. We do it with our knowledge of conversions and the intricate needs your business must accomplish. Learn more about Sentient at Crunchbase.

Why Is Conversion An Intricate Science

Conversions are an intricate science for two main reasons.

First, the methods and styles leveraged by online marketers are relatively new. We’ve only scratched the surface with what can be done. The second reason for conversion’s intricacy as a science is competition.

Agency like ours are using the best technology to date. We also leverage insider info that enables us to devise strategies no one else can. The infinite space for conversions to occur in gives us an infinite canvass to work with.

Our objective is your marketing and sales goals.

Accomplishing each will give us conversions and revenue that you won’t forget.