Dentist Avi Weisfogel A Hero In New Jersey

Avi Weisfogel has become a leader expert in preventing sleep apnea. Weisfogel is a dentist based in New Jersey. Weisfogel became known for handling the cases of patients which have left other dentists who did not how to help them. Avi Weisfogel is dedicated to being better educated and takes about 200 hours of continuing education each year.


He launched Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 with the help of two dentists, with the goal of helping patients who deal with sleep apnea problems. Weisfogel created this successful program after spending millions of dollars and two years perfecting the program. Prior to opening Dental Sleep Masters, he was a traveling lecturer for Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient instructing dentists how to increase the number of patients they see by teaching sleep programs.


What may come as a surprise to many is Weisfogel’s experience in the music world. He brought his own hip-hop style to the industry and routinely shares his music to his followers on Soundcloud. Weisfogel is a fan of Billy Joel and Pink Floyd.


Weisfogel is a strong believer in charity. As a dentist and believing every child deserves the right to the best dental care available. He recently got involved with Operation Smile, who helps children in Asia who suffer from facial deformities. Weisfogel launched a Go Fund Me campaign to provide aid to the organization and ended up raising $2,000. Operation Smile was founded in 1982 and their first mission was helping children in the Philippines.


While Weisfogel is not doing revolutionary dentistry work or making music, he can be found watching his New York Giants every Sunday.

The Mission To Make Significant Improvements In People’s Lives

There are few people that are very passionate about making positive changes in people’s lives. Bob Reina is one of them. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to change people’s lives for the better. People that are passionate about finding the right methods are surely going to find a way to change the world. While very few come up with something that is going to really change the way of the world, there are people that can make a lot of difference in the world without coming up with some new invention.


Bob Reina dis come up with an invention that is turning out to be a really innovative invention. This invention is known as Talk Fusion. One of the good things about Talk Fusion is that it is an app that can be used for almost anything. On one hand is a communications app that allows people to connect in an even deeper way with others. It is also something that entrepreneurs could use in order to bring in more profits because it allows them to add video to their emails. The recipients of the email will have a better grasp on what is being promoted.


One of the reasons that Bob Reina is such an effective entrepreneur and philanthropist is that he is not just looking to give handouts to the unfortunate, he is also looking to support opportunities for the less fortunate to rise above their circumstances. This is one of the reasons that he is giving to a lot of entrepreneurs as well. They create the jobs so that more people will be able to work. This is one of the reasons he is doing everything he can to support entrepreneurs. He believes not just in giving people money, but also giving them means to make the money they need.


Ms. Martinez: A Role Model to Aspiring Musicians

Norka Martinez is a Latin pop star who performs pop and Latin music genres. She was born in Caracas, a city where she spent most of her childhood. At the age of eight, she began attending instrument (flamenco), dance (salsa) and voice practice lessons. Her parents were glad to pay for her training fee as they had seen potential in her as a young singer.

She took part in several junior competitions during her early life. Some of the competitions include the “Golden Voice” and “Festival of Gaitas.”She had her higher education in France where she majored in business administration. Additionally, she took courses in culinary arts, marketing, and fashion.

Norka Luque was able to strike a balance between academic education and music. She would study during the day and perform during the night. During weekends, she performed alongside a band by the name Bad Moo Rising. Her time with the band enabled her to interact with various professionals in the European music industry at a personal level.

Despite the huge following that Luque had attracted in France, she decided to ditch music for a banking profession. After several months working in the banking sector of Monaco, Ms. Martinez felt it was time to move on and try a different profession.

She relocated to the United States and settled in Miami, Florida. She decided to venture into professional singing when she met Mr. Estefan. Estefan is associated with the internationally known group Miami Sound Machine. He offered to guide Luque in the music industry.

In 20111, Norka Luque’s first professional album was released to the public. This album contained several songs; however, only three became successful. The three singles include “Milagro,” “As You Do it” and “Tomorrowland.” During the same year, Luque was nominated for the Best Female Pop Artist of the Year for her song “As You Do it.”

“Milagro” (Miracle in English) became an international hit, ruling the Latin music charts and receiving massive airplay in the United States. This track was promoted in three different stages; salsa, dance and urban remix version.

“Tomorrowland” is another track from her album that became very successful. It was received well by music lovers in major Latin communities. She is currently planning its re-launch before the year ends. If you would like to know more about this Latin songbird, find her on:


Wikipedia Editors Advised to Write More about Native People

There is little information available online about indigenous people whose work of art has an impact on modern life. An example is Esther Belin, a multimedia artist, and poet, who does not have a Wikipedia page. Belin received the Pushcart Prize for her extraordinary artwork. Coverage for her work should appear on Wikipedia. Sherman Alexie, one of the world’s bestselling authors, is a huge fan of Belin’s poems. Apparently, several other Native American artists lack Wikipedia pages. According to the Indian Country Today Media Network’s (ICTMN) staff, the content on Wikipedia lacks enough coverage of indigenous people.

Wikiconference North America Edit-a-thon

Participants of the yearly Wikipedia conference (Wikiconference North America) need to attend an edit-a-thon themed on Indigenous Peoples’ Day. During the special event, the participants, who are Wikipedia experts and enthusiasts, will write articles that focus on indigenous people such as Native Americans. ICTMN’s staff mentioned that the articles would also concentrate on historical figures, ethnic groups, and movements in a new noteworthy approach.

This event will also expand Wikipedia’s exposure on forgotten groups. According to a 2011 Wikipedia editors’ survey, there are few women Wikipedia editors than men. Feminist Wikipedia editors are scheduling frequent edit-a-thons focused on empowering women to write and edit Wikipedia pages. They also want the coverage of topics related to women issues on the online encyclopedia to increase.

Advantages of Having a Wikipedia Page for Your Brand

Wikipedia links usually top the first page results of search engines. One of the ways of making your brand visible on the first search results pages is by creating a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia comprises of articles based on diverse topics, people, and events. Its popularity increased because it is an open source community. This means that anyone can edit the information contained on the online encyclopedia.

Creating a Wikipedia page is beneficial to your brand. For instance, the page will improve your brand’s reputation. Several Wikipedia editors are available for hire. You can entrust Get Your Wiki writers with the work of creating and publishing a Wikipedia page for your brand. This will enhance the level of authenticity and credibility to your brand. Furthermore, you will record an increase in sales if the brand relates to products. Wikipedia ranks among the top websites indexed by search engines such as Google. After Get Your Wiki’s editors make a Wiki page for you, your brand’s search engine optimization will increase tremendously.

Talk Fusion Is More Than A Company Of Technology


Many individuals know about the company Talk Fusion, but they only know of it due to its impact in the world of technology. However, there is so much more to learn about Talk Fusion; it is one of the most influential companies in the world.


Talk Fusion is mainly known for helping companies engage in advanced marketing. They do this by offering companies the ability to market their business through a wide range of technology. This includes the use of video chat, video meetings, and video messages. There newest feature that has been a big hit is the video email function.


Business owners are connecting more with their customers, potential customers, and partners. Business owners have seen a major increase in their sales after using the services provided by Talk Fusion. Bob Reina has hired the best technicians that have put together a technological marketing program built to drive sales through the roof.


Bob Reina has also made sure that the marketing services provided by Talk Fusion are as low priced as possible. He has even made a program where business owners can pay a small fee every month to keep their service going. Getting service from Talk Fusion means you receive both the hardware and software supplies.


Bob Reina did not only develop this company to help business owners. He developed this company to help the entire community. Every month, a portion of the money he makes in sales goes to several different charities. Mr. Reina also hosts a dozen different fundraisers throughout the year; these fundraisers are done on behalf on several different charities.


Bob Reina searches out new charitable companies on a daily basis. He wants to help his community with all his might. Talk Fusion has started their own charitable organization. Money given and raised will go to people within the community that need medical treatment but cannot afford it. This includes major surgery, dental surgery, and more. Bob Reina explained to the press that he is not satisfied until he makes someone else satisfied. He has also made sure that all of his employees at Talk Fusion have the same mentality.


Savior to the Business World

The business world is a strange and often times scary place, where one company can thrive one day and fall into bankruptcy the next. Many of these situations arise from the carelessness with capital funds, with money being placed within the wrong areas and where production and operations often suffer due to more bureaucratic costs.

According to The Guardian, In order to combat this problem Billy McFarland has inadvertently invented the perfect compliment to the American business model.

Billy McFarland’s creation, Magnesis, was originally designed with the average American consumer in mind. This program acts in the same way as a social media platform, allowing members to communicate with eachother but also being able to take advantage of high levels of discounted materials and services.

Areas such as bars, restaurants, amusement parks and concerts all fall under just a few of the examples that Magnesis covers through its discount program. While these areas may seem like simple entertainment locations they offer something different to the business world.

In order to build rapport and customer bases corporations need to have some one on one time with potential interested parties. This requires face time in the form of business meetings, which just so happen to normally take place in the same locations as what Magnesis supports through its program.

Business meeting costs can be quite pricey and through Magnesis companies may find that what was intended for individual use has a lot of business potential. The same money that would normally be spent on one business meeting can in theory be used in a multitude of different meetings, or it could even be distributed into different areas of the business as a whole.

Magnesis works on a simple concept; members are given a metal card that acts in the same way as a credit card and can then use this card to make transactions. Each card is linked directly to a bank account that the member owns and funds are then removed from those accounts to pay for services and goods. Without even realizing it Billy McFarland has possibly revolutionized the way business functions in the US.

Learning from the Kabbalah Centre

Learning different spiritual practices can easily help you to grow in your own personal religion. Often times, people have issues when it comes to learning a new religion and this is why they turn to Professionals in order to benefit themselves. The Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish way of teaching that is part of this religion and is incredibly popular with individuals who would like to grow in a more spiritual matter. In fact, many people are switching to the Kabbalah as a way to grow in this amazing religion for their loved ones and for their own benefit.

The problem with learning Kabbalah on your own time is that it can be difficult and very time-consuming. If you do not have the time to try to teach yourself a brand new religion because you just find it too difficult for your lifestyle, it is a good option for you to visit a local Center that can do this for you. Not only will you be able to learn a brand-new religious teaching, but you will also be able to be around other people who have the same beliefs that you do and this can make you feel like you are part of a community. This Center is known as the Kabbalah Centre and it is home to a ton of people who simply want to learn more about this amazing religion that they feel can benefit them in more ways than just one at the current moment.

No longer do you have to struggle when it comes to learning Kabbalah on your own time and this can save you lots of headache in the future. You’ll also find this to be incredibly beneficial to your children because it enables them to learn the religion of the Jewish people and also know what the Kabbalah even is. This is great for so many people and can be exactly what you need in your life right now if you are struggling with your religion and spiritual needs. The Kabbalah Centre has open doors to a variety of people and will take you in as a visitor, guests and even as a member if this is something you so choose to do.

How The Search Fixers Can Help With Your Online Reputation Management Issues

It is often said that your reputation is all that you have. This is true in both your business and your personal life. In today’s modern age, the internet can be used to build up or tear down your reputation. In many cases, your reputation can be damaged in less time than it was built. At the first sign of a damaged reputation it is best to set a plan in motion to get it repaired. This easier to do than most people think once you know the secret. The secret is to engage professional online reputation management services.

The Search Fixers is an online reputation management service ( that can help you get a better handle on the repair of your online reputation. As leaders in this industry, The Search Fixers consultants know the ins and outs of online reputation management and know how to get your online reputation fixed to show your business in the correct light.

Far too often things get posted online that are not a true representation of your business. A few negative reviews that are blown out of proportion or completely untrue and your business could start to see a decline in increased new business. This is simply because the new prospect is not sure what to think. All they have to base their choice on is the review and they have no way of knowing if it is based in fact or fiction. It is for this reason you need to engage the services of an online reputation management company like The Search Fixers.

Forbes: 9 Online Reputation Management Services Entrepreneurs Can Achieve by Themselves

This company helps business people and individuals restore their reputation by cleaning up the negative results in search engines. Although the exact methods used differ depending on the situation, the basic idea is the same. The idea is to clean up the negative reviews and add reviews that are positive and truthful in nature. When the new customer reads the positive reviews they start to realize that you are the person or business that can handle giving them the services or products that they know, like and trust.

Many people think that they can handle their own online reputation management, however, nothing is further from the truth because it takes a team of dedicated professionals working around the clock to keep the reputation of your name or business stellar. In business and even in your personal life, your name and good reputation is often all you have.

Discover A Superior Inmate Calling Network That Saves Money

Global Tel-Link has had a few inaccuracies associated with their inmate calling network that have been cleared up by Securus Technologies. The few inaccuracies has led to free calls to Louisiana customers for a limited time. The Public Utility Commission requires Securus to regulate inmate calls for the safety of the general public. They have successfully monitored thousands of calls including monitoring and surveillance. You get every minute that is guaranteed under your contract when Securus is acting as an inmate calling regulating provider. However, Securus is quickly growing as one of the largest inmate calling networks in the industry.


Securus Features


Inmate Voicemail


Now inmates have a access code that allows them to receive messages to a private line. Inmates love this feature because it allows them to take back their independence, get valuable information, and more. Best of all, family members can leave a message and tells inmates when and where to call them.


Advanced Pay


Are you tired of looking for an authorized inmate calling agent? Do you live in a rural area? Advanced Pay options allows you to pay your inmate calling forward and get call credits in advance. You never have to worry about not having enough minutes to talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility. You can go directly to the Securus website and pay in advance through a partnership with Jpay Services.


Video Chat by Vimeo


Vimeo is proud to announce that they’re apart of the Securus team offering their customers superior video chat features that aren’t available through other networks. You have control over the volume and the picture. A high definition picture over the internet allows you to see your loved ones face-to-face and communicate.


You’re invited to become a part of the Securus Technologies group today.


Raj Fernando is a Powerful force in the Business Community

The investment industry relies on talented people to see things that others would miss. These brilliant and hardworking people ensure that the markets are working at their most efficient. The investment community is packed with these brilliant minds, but one of the brightest names in the business is Raj Fernando.

Raj became interested in the markets as a college student. He volunteered on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and after graduating he immediately started working on the floor of the exchange. He spent the nineties working at various positions at the exchange and at the Chicago Board of Trade. He excelled at each position, and in 2002 he was ready to start his own company, Chopper Trading.

Chopper Trading grew quickly under Raj’s leadership. It eventually grew to more than 250 traders. Their traders worked on the CME, Eurex, LSE, Nasdaq, and most other major platforms. Fernando helped Chopper Trader become a major power during his time with the company, and he is still proud of the work he has done.

Fernando is proud of his private works, but he has also given back considerably to his profession. Raj is contributing to the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission. He strongly supports their mission of building open and transparent markets. In 2010, he spoke as a featured panelist at a discussion on disruptive trading practices. In 2013, Raj had the opportunity to speak at the Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference. His brilliant speeches have advanced the cause of free and open markets for people around the world.

Raj sold Chopper Trading in 2015, but he was not ready to retire. He founded Scoutahead in 2016. Scoutahead is designed to help people throughout the business world reach the levels of personal and professional growth they need. They help install advanced communication systems that make everything more efficient.

Raj Fernando is extremely proud of his record as a trader and with Chopper Trading. He believes in the mission of open and transparent markets, and has spent his career promoting this mission. Raj plans to stay active within the business community for years to come.