Five Reasons People Love the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a community learning centre that is bringing Kabbalah Teachings to the West. Originally founded in the 1960s, the Los Angeles located opened its doors in the 1980s under the direction and guidance of Philip and Karen Berg. The Berg’s have dedicated their lives to building a dynamic institution that brings together a diverse teaching staff that serves a growing population of Kabbalah followers.

Kabbalah is a belief system based off of an individualized interpretation of the Torah, or Jewish bible. It is considered a belief system, though it is not a religion in and of itself. Its universal nature has lead to its widespread acceptance amongst many Westerners who are seeking an alternative form of spiritually. While Kabbalah is thousands of years old and was once only available to a small, privileged group of individuals, it is now taught and practiced by people of varying backgrounds.

Today, there are several branches of the Kabbalah Centre spread throughout the United States. Each centre employs the best teachers and offers a variety of classes. The Centre also offers online courses that make Kabbalah accessible no matter how dynamic your schedule is. While many people, from renowned celebrities to everyday citizens, claim that the Kabbalah’s teachings have transformed and bettered their lives; for many people, trying it themselves is necessary.

For those who are unsure about whether Kabbalah is right for them, there are a variety of beginner classes that are available online for a low price. These classes explain the basics of Kabbalah, including the Zorah, the interpretation of the Torah, and the guiding points of the belief system. For those seeking to find a deeper meaning in life or to merely sort their way through life’s difficulties, these courses can have a profound influence.

Using Classdojo To Improve Communication Between Teachers And Parents

Parents have always been eager to know how their children are doing at school. Traditionally, this was almost impossible as there was no cheap and convenient way that this information could be relayed to the parents. The parents had to wait until a parent-teachers meeting is held in order to learn about their children’s performance. Even then, the time allocated was little, and the meeting had to be hurried. ClassDojo app has changed this scenario for Jill Smith and other parents worldwide. The app has been developed to help teachers and parents communicate effectively through texts, videos, and photos. This is as easy as one needs to grab a smartphone and flip to the app.

Jill has been using the app daily. This way, he has been able to follow on how her son, who is a fifth-grader at Berry Intermediate School, is doing. She can know every detail about what the child was up to during the day and what grade he received in his various homework. What is even amazing with the app is that one no longer needs to wait until the end of the day to learn about his or her son or daughter. As soon as any information is uploaded, one can see it immediately. If the parent is busy, the information is stored until one opens the application.

The communication platform’s ability to provide a steady stream of feedback has ensured that teachers, parents and students in Warren County have a good connection and that each of them is empowered. It has also encouraged a healthy relationship between the three parties by encouraging participation from each of them.

The Classd Dojo platform is also built to promote positivity among students. Unlike previous communication platforms that focused on what the students were doing wrong, ClassDojo zeroes in on what the student’s are doing right. In addition, it highlights students’ ability to improve both in their academic works and in behaviors. This is emphasized by the app’s feature that enables students to earn ‘Dojo Dollars’ because of their positive deeds.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a communication platform that focuses on creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. The app is designed to enable teachers to create an integrated community made up of teachers, parents and students. This community ensures a ground-up change among students.

The app is used in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States. It can be downloaded from either Apple Store or Google Play. The app is also widely used outside the United States. Currently, teachers and parents in at least 180 countries use ClassDojo.


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Norka Luque Proves to be Force to Reckon with in Music  

Norka Luque is deemed as one of the best music rising stars of this generation. She writes and sings her music with an objective to bring about a positive impact on society. Aware of how it feels to be a victim of personal crisis, Norka strives to give hope to those going through a rough patch in their life through her music. Her music features messages of love and hope in an attempt to influence people’s emotions and thoughts positively.

Academic and Working Background

Norka experienced a wonderful childhood under the support of her loving parents who not only saw her talent in music but also made sure they nurtured it in the best possible manner. Through their support, Norka took part in numerous lessons revolving around music such as voice, salsa, flamenco and piano classes among others. Despite her well-nurtured music talent, Norka understood the benefits of attaining education. This thirst for education led Norka to move to France to pursue a business administration degree after completing her high school studies.

Life in France presented Norka with an opportunity to pursue numerous fields such as marketing, culinary art as well as fashion. She also had an opportune moment to pursue her music talent by serving as a soloist for the Bad Moon Rising, a music band. This gave her a chance to exercise her passion for music, as the band performed in many clubs and social gatherings around France. Although Norka is undoubtedly talented in music, her music career did not just take off easily. She served in Monaco’s banking sector before opting to pursue a music career in the United States.

Music Life

Norka’s budding music career took a turn for the best after she met with Emilio Estefan Jr, a popular music producer. By fine-tuning her talent under the observation and guidance of the prominent music producer, she released her first single, as you do, in 2011. Later in 2012, she launched Miracle as her second single. The song became a favorite hit in several countries like Venezuela, the United States, and Puerto Rico. On top of Miracle’s beautiful message, it features a blend of sounds like Mediterranean traces, reggae as well as Caribbean sounds.

Norka’s newest release, Tomorrowland, is expected to follow the footsteps of her first two songs. Additionally, her music has elicited worldwide recognition as well as nominations for top music awards such as the Latin Music Awards.

Richard Blair And The World Of Investing

One of the common ways that people wind up wealthy is through investments. There are many different methods for investing and many different types of accounts made for investing. According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is knowledgeable about a lot in this world.

This includes knowing what method works the best for him. He is willing to work with his clients that take interest in the world of investing. This is actually a good way to not only be able to pay off debt, but also be able to achieve financial independence. Richard Blair is highly educated and experienced in each form.

One of the common forms of investing is buying stocks or assets. With stocks, there is a huge earning potential for investors that make the wise choices. Richard Blair is someone that can help his clients make the right decisions in this method of gaining wealth. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions can teach money management when it comes to investing. Among the pieces of advice that he offers people in every activity that involves money is to not invest what he can’t afford. There is always the chance that he will lose the money. This is especially true when it comes to stocks.

The other form of investing involves savings accounts or other types of accounts that collect interest over time. These types of accounts will appreciate in value over time. One of the best things that could be done with these accounts is compounding.

When one keeps adding to his account, the interest will increase according to what is in the account at the moment. Therefore, the person will be able to eventually enjoy more riches when it comes to his money management. Richard Blair can offer advice on how to find the right account for gaining interest.

One thing that Richard would recommend is diversifying. One of the worst things that one could do is put all of his eggs in one basket. With diversification, one could lose money on one account and still have the chance to gain a lot of money in another account. Also, diversification allows people to collect interest at different rates in order to find one that works best for him.

Adam Goldenberg Won’t Fix A Working Company If It Isn’t Broken

Adam Goldenberg is proud of a company he has built, and is enthusiastic about the products it sells. This company is JustFab, one of the most popular online fashion retail companies, though they also have setup traditional stores now. When talking about his company to VatorTV, Goldenberg talked about how many companies end up pivoting away from what’s working to follow a new trend on Goldenberg says that will not be the case with JustFab, as it’s committed to keeping its customers happy. Ever since its inception, JustFab has been offering a unique experience to make online shopping more fun and attractive to new customers.

Prior to co-founding JustFab, Adam Goldenberg had been an internet marketing strategist for several other companies. This started back in 1996 when he was only 15 years old and founded Gamer’s Alliance, a gaming advertising network. Gamer’s alliance was bought out by MySpace’s parent company, Intermix Media. Goldenberg went to work for Intermix Media as their director of strategic planning, but was shortly promoted to Chief Operating Officer, the most notable accomplishment for a 20-year-old. Adam Goldenberg met up with Don Ressler, another aspiring entrepreneur who had started, and the two formed a partnership that has seen the start and growth of many companies.

Goldenberg and Ressler had helped Intermix Media become profitable through a subsidiary company called Alena Media, but when the mass media giant News Corp bought them out, Alena Media basically became discarded. So Goldenberg and Ressler decided it was time to move on, and they started up several new companies from Goldenberg’s apartment including Intelligent Beauty and Brentwood Cosmetics. The funding for these companies came in a little slow, but once the profits started growing they then turned their attention to the fashion industry.

Goldenberg and Ressler would tell you they didn’t even know the “difference between a peep toe and a Mary Jane” when they started, but they had a lot of ideas they wanted to bring out for this new company. They wanted to make this company, JustFab more interactive and engaging for their customers, and they wanted the apparel to be affordable. Kimora Lee Simmons, a famous model became interested in this company, and after seeing the products they were marketing, she adopted JustFab as her own brand. More and more customers came in, and soon even Kate and Oliver Hudson were talking about JustFab. JustFab received multiple rounds of venture capital from Matrix Partners and Passport capital and has grown its sales worldwide. See:

Brian Bonar Receives Executive of The Year in Finance Award

Brian Bonar was recently selected as the winner of the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance. The award is considered one of the highest community networking awards for executives.

An award that has a long tradition in the community as an award that is received by executives that are making significant contribution in the business world, Cambridge Who’s Who award winners are held in high esteem in the business community.

The criteria that is used to select Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year award winners is comprised of a variety of considerations. The primary considerations are leadership abilities, professional accomplishments, and academic achievements.

The Cambridge Who’s Who organization has a committee that is charged with selecting the winners of the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year.

As a business professional, Brian Bonar has a long career that shows his worthiness as a winner of the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year award. Mr. Bonar holds several key executive positions in several companies.

He is the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is the CEO and Chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Services, and he is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Although the executive positions that Brian Bonar holds are impressive. There is much more to Mr. Bonar’s professional resume. Brian Boner is also accomplished in academics.

He holds several degrees including a Ph. D. Education has been an important part of Brian Boner’s life. His educational experiences have helped to mold his view of education, and he places value on education.

As an educated executive who holds numerous executive positions, Brian Bonar has demonstrated his leadership and management skills on many occasions. The combination of education, experience, and business skills all have contributed to the success in the business world that Mr. Boner has enjoyed.

Bonar professional career has covered almost three decades. During this time, Mr. Boner has accomplished many things. However, there are always new goals to be met, problems that need to be solved, and plans that need to be developed. Brian Boner is always ready to complete whatever is needed concerning the job.

As the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar uses his education, experience, and leadership skills on a daily basis. Dalrada Financial Corporation is a supplier of services for PEO companies.

The services supplied by Dalrada Financial primarily consist of employee related programs. The employee programs are intended to increase business productivity and efficiency. The programs include employee benefits, management services, financial management, risk management insurance, and similar employee related programs.

As the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance award winner, Brian Bonar has shown a variety of qualities that are valued by the business community and the Cambridge Who’s Who organization.

Raj Fernando, the King of Financial Trading

Raj Fernando started his career simply as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He did this partly when in college. Upon graduation, he worked his way up from one of the lowest positions to the highest. After many years of different trading positions at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade, Raj Fernando found his company known as Chopper Trading in 2002.

The company had a great start, in 2004 he had to stop full time trading with other businesses to make Chopper Trading a full-time endeavor. As the CEO, Mr. Raj Fernando was able to design, implement and manage one of the most sophisticated, communications trading, monitoring and risk management systems ever known in the financial industry.

Over the next years, Fernando grew Chopper Trading to become one of the largest market players in the trading world. He was able to get large exchanges such as Nasdaq, CME, LSE, Eurex, and ICE. The company grew to a massive 250 employees worldwide. It is composed of the industry brightest traders and engineers in the world. In the year 2015, Fernando sold Chopper to DRW, a leading company in the financial sector.

Raj Fernando launched an internet start-up known as in 2016. He developed the company so as to build and deliver trusted and reliable information to both individuals and corporations. This is in a bid to increase professional and corporate growth in the industry. Fernando has had many years of expertise and experience in the international financial markets. He has handled various cyber security initiatives; he provides excellent counsel and insights to his company and to several organizations and boards he serves.

A lot can be said about Raj Fernando, what is makes him unique is that he always tries to keep the atmosphere in his work as pleasant as possible. Even though the nature of work he deals with is intense, he always loves and goes along with his employees. When hiring a company, Fernando does not get a significant number of aspirants and nag them with training like the companies. His hiring process is usually lengthy; he wants to hire employees that will work and retire in the enterprise.

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Davos Real Estate Group Just Launched A New Real Estate Application

Davos Real Estate Group has launched “Davos CAP Calculator,” a new mobile application for an official statement to its customers. The company is part of the businesses that forms Davos Financial Group, a financial advice leader in the Latin American market for over 20 years. Davos Financial Group has a business objective that focuses on formulating an investment strategy which meets the needs and expectations of each client. The company offers its services through a professional team that provides specialized and licensed services, and it combines premium products that require a high quality of service.


Gerald Gonzalez, Executive Director of Davos REG, worked the last six months hand-in-hand with Tecknolution on the design and development of the app. The app has been developed with the state of the art technology platforms, and it allows the users to estimate the gain of an investment property considering the expenses associated with the property.


The application is just the beginning of how the company is committed to launching a series of complimentary apps. Some of the complimentary apps the company expects to release in the future include the ability to identify properties with your app to forward real estate reports to your agent at Davos using a chat inbuilt in the app. According to David Osio, the strategy behind the application was dependent on the future direction of Davos REG and to guide it’s on investments in real estate in the United States.


Mr. Gonzalez has described the application as an innovative tool that will allow the investors to be better focused when purchasing a property. A Mortgage Calculator application will also be included to help the Davos’ clients to estimate their mortgage based on the funding period, Bank projections, and the associated rate of interest.


David Osio founded Davos Financial Group in 1993, and he has been committed to offering financial advice to his clients. While he was at the helm, Mr.Osio propelled the company to profitability; a position that enabled him to locate various independent and licensed businesses in the major cities around the world such as Miami, New York, and Geneva. David Osio has supported some non-profit organizations to support community projects in culture, art, and health.

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Peace of Mind through Communication

It makes sense that sometimes we worry about the wellbeing of our loved ones. Natural disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes cause us to immediately think of those that we care about, especially if they are not currently near us at the time. For people living in the state of Louisiana these fears have arisen recently with the drastic increase in flooding there. While many of these people are able to take the necessary precautions to get to safety, others are not as fortunate, such as inmates who are currently being incarcerated and are unable to leave their designated locations. Securus Technologies though has a hopeful solution to this issue of communication, and for a period of time is giving free calling service to Louisiana customers in order for them to stay connected to family members.


Securus Technologies is a communications company mainly notable for their niche market of law enforcement locations. By providing mobile communication applications to inmates and their family members, Securus has produced an engaging and easy to use product that in a sense removes limitations of distance with inmates and brings families closer together. The application is free to download, is supported on both Android and Apple devices, and provides easy connection for quality video calling services.


The move by Securus Technologies to provide free calling service to their Louisiana clientele reveals the company not only as being devoted to their customer base but also as a humanitarian corporation who sees the importance of communication over the prospect of earning money.


Raj Fernando: Financial Industry Leader

Raj Fernando studied at the University College London and graduated from Beloit College with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and history. While he was still an undergrad, Raj Fernando volunteered his time at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After receiving his degree, Raj began working there at an entry-level position. Through long hours and tireless work, Fernando was able to work his way up to a professional- level position. With experience under his belt, he became an entrepreneur by founding Chopper Trading in 2002. Juggling his full-time trading job and heading his new company became too much for him to bear, so Fernando decided in 2004 to leave his position and devote all of his time to his new enterprise.

As CEO of Chopper Trading, Fernando was able to create and initiate some major changes to the financial field. His company became very well known for their source code security systems, risk management, monitoring, plus so much more. The company continued to grow and become successful all the way up until 2015 when the company was sold. Not one to stay idle, Raj founded another start-up in 2016, His new company specializes in assisting clients to become more productive and encourage their employees to grow professionally. With over two decades of experience in the financial industry, Fernando is in it for the long-haul. He will surely continue to impress others with his exemplary work ethic, industry experience, and ability to create and design new systems. Keep an eye out for Raj Fernando as he continues to initiate new ideas into a growing market.

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